Very nice person! Helpful, patient and trustworthy!

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gorgeous! thx again mate

+1 reached out to me after I asked in global and we did a few crafts. Recommended

p.s. finally managed ^^

- the Jun prophecy dude
min maxing Vortex Occultist two leagues in a row. What next?
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went to OP because he had all the mods I needed. In addition, super nice and patient dude, would craft with again 10/10

Vouch finished my bow

Crafted multi for me, +1
IGN: Desreien / Wand / Science
#1 Wander Guide: 1979794

Crafted multimod, very fast and professional!
Very fast and nice, would recommend!

Crafter +2 support gems and chaos dot multi
up. more mods added.
Community Free Forum Crafting in Synthesis: thread/2457252

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