Lightning Strike supports - Lightning Penetration or Melee Physical Damage?

lightning pen doesn't reduce resists I think, it reduces their max resists. So if a target had 10000% lightning resist, and capped at 75% resist, lightning pen level 1 will lower that targets max lightning resist to 59% for that hit. I don't think it reduces that actual resist.
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Don't use LMP on LS, use Fork, it's way better...
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Always use pierce with lightning strike, ALWAYS.

For some reason, only ONE of the projectiles from lightning strike can hit a single enemy "per attack".

Projectile that procs pierce, deals damage, but it does not count towards the "1 projectile cap", thus you can actually hit 5 projectiles with GMP if they all pierce.

Now, it's a good question if you should go with LMP instead of GMP, to deal higher damage per hit, to actually proc some shocks that would last a while...
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