3.6.0b Patch Notes


Qarl wrote:

Fixed an error that sometimes occurred on the login screen.

Weird. This is second times fixed.
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Qarl wrote:
Fixed a bug where portals to the Memory Nexus from Distant Memories would close after you entered the Memory Nexus, preventing return to the Distant Memory and sometimes placing you at the wrong portal location.

you absolutely did NOT fix this bug, i JUST had this happen to me after i had planned out a huge memory run to multiple distant memories to stock up on global mods, then somehow ended up on the opposite end of my memory map.
as always - racers get all goodies, and normal people no. Rip coins for them. and remind me pls - whats the point even go into those memory-house? no rewards? coooool
Since you changed xp to only be rewarded in delve next to the cart cities now reward no xp. Will this be changed? Or is it intended
very nice
spell cascade doesn't work with icestorm anymore when using CwChanneling
But you said that in hotfix 4 u fixed crash. Dont lie
Nice patch but whats up with the map drops?
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Awww RIP Fun

Got 40 Silver coins from my only node so far
Was great as early i never have coins and love to prophecy.
Fix the Texture bug / Vram issue
Had to set everything on low or the game would quickly be unplayable and reach max vram this didnt happen before 3.6

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