End-game boss service (Elder/UberElder/Shaper/Delve/Bestiary/Nexus bosses)

Very reliable and friendly boss killer. I've been using his services many times (boss kills, Ulab boost, mastermind, etc.) since about 4-5 leagues or so and never have I been disappointed. He sold multiple watcher's from his elder kills in my maps and I always got the agreed upon 50% share as soon as the item was sold.

My No.1 choice, can fully recommend!

Killed my red elder, gave me 50% from selling jewel later
Killed my all my red guardian/elder and shaper too

safe and great service
ign : Aelynaloe
+1 kills spooky bosses when needed
+1 for fenumus craftig service!
ign: Amokherz
Visit the german PoE Community: http://www.exiled.eu
Got a watcher's eye from Uber Elder.

Great service!


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