End-game boss service (Elder/UberElder/Shaper/Delve/Bestiary/Nexus bosses)

IGN: @inward

Doing Elder, Shaper, Delve, Bestiary, Catarina (Mastermind) removal service for half of the loot or for fee.
Did over 500 Uber elders for people on Incursion HC and onwards;more then 500 Yellow/Red Elders and more then 1000 Shapers.

Doing Yellow Red and UberElder service.
50% of loot worth or fee.
Yellow/Red Elder =40c
Uberelder =70c

Nexus bosses:
50% of loot worth

50% of loot worth or fee.
Fee: 50c

Delve bosses:
50% of loot worth or fee.
1.Ahuatotli =25c
2.Kurgal =70c
3.Aul(Crystal King) =4ex

Bestiary bosses:
50% of loot worth or fee.
Spider :Free
Rest :1ex

Catarina (Mastermind):
50% of loot worth or fee.
White tier:25c
Yellow tier:30c
Red tier:30c

Breach bosses:
50%of loot

Red Tier boss kills:
10c fee

T16 Guardian kills:
Free,You provide map,i keep boss drop

For any other kind of challenges you can whisper me ingame @inward.
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All went very smooth. i got all my fragments from guardians and elder and we droped nebuloch and weapon from constrictor. Topic starter sold them in a few hours and gave me my 50% of loot.
I highly recomend this guy for your any boss kill !!!
Inwards the man, been helping me with bosses for the last couple leagues. Very reliable.
cool trustworthy guy, can recommend
Use him every league, almost daily. Best boss killer there is.
Did all my corrupted guardian completions, and was on point making sure I got them all safely. +1
Great service, done bosskills for me for a couple leagues. Can recommend.
Best boss killer.
Has done multiple shapers, elders, uber elders and delve bosses for me and friends in the past leagues.
Good and safe! Trustworthy :)
Done many kills for me.
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Good fast service, would recommend.

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