Tempest Shield Bug

When using tempest shield it should reserve 25% of your mana for the skill, but after the first time turning it off then back on the reserve is not kept

*just to add more as ive played with it a little, it sometimes bugs when u turn it off and leave the 25% mana reserve on, so when you turn the skill back on the reserve goes away.
I have also encountered this bug, but it only happens rarely for me.
I had the same experience as the OP but what it actually did was keep the shield animation without actually being an active buff. Had to toggle it on and off a few more times to get it to align.
I just had this bug too. My gem had just leveled up so I recast the spell and got all my mana. It reset when I left the instance. I typed /debug and took a screenshot if it's of any use?
I created a video about this bug, which you can find here: http://youtu.be/u6qGyl3WK-Q

Hope it helps discover the cause of the bug.

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