[3.6] Holy Flame Totems Chieftain Blood Magic Dual Wield Crit - League Starter Guide


Hi! this is my first guide please be kind, if you see any typos English is not my first language I will try fix them a soon as possible.

I recommend to check out my diary to see what I'm doing right now since Im changing the build constantly.

For the experienced players that don't need any explanation here is the PoB https://pastebin.com/F00hUuQp

The inspiration from this guide comes from various streamers, guide makers and my own experience (Special mention to Tarke Cat and Ghazzy) but all make some kind of compromises and didn't seem to use all what Holy Flame Totem has to offer (the consecrated ground, the curse immunity and the free critical) and the idea of trying to use it fully became this build.

I will not say that this build is new player friendly because contains some semi complicated mechanics and is not tested (but I'm pretty sure is going to be good)

All parts of this guide are subject change since this is a work in progress and will be my league starter an I'm going to try do all content with it.

Pro's and Con's


Reflect immune can do all mods.
Cheap to start
Don´t have to worry about mana at all
Semi immune to curses
Blood Magic Chieftain dual wielding wands hipster factor
A lot of room to grow
Easy 100% Conversion to fire
Very Tanky 225% Increased Life and totem leech


You are not completely immune to curses
You can only use 1 aura
Is not the highest possible damage version
Blood Magic Chieftain dual wielding wands hipster factor

How the build works

This build uses the newly revamped Holy Flame trying to use all his parts to the maximum using blood magic for the mana, Soul Mantle for the curses and extra totem and damage , Dual wield for the projectile speed and movement skills cool down recovery and crit to synergize with the consecrated ground detailed explanation in the spoiler bellow.

Detailed explanation and FAQ.

Why Chieftain?

I choose chieftain for the easy conversion, the covered ash and the tankiness for you and your totems, Since I'm not by any means a good player, need some wiggle room for the endgame encounters.

Why not Hierophant?

Hierophant is a viable option, it has some nice quality of life for casting totems, but the power charge generation is not really needed for Holy Flame Totem since they have 100% crit included and for me the chieftain version has more damage with less investment and is tankier.

Why Crit?

For me the fact that the totems give consecrated ground in an area after you spawn them and that the new consecrated ground give you increased 100% critical chance.

This a no brainer for me, basically you just need to worry to get crit multiplier in the tree and a moderate investment in critical chance in the gear.

Why Dual Wield Wands ?

I choose dual wielding wand for a couple of reasons, first and most important of all is the stat "Increased projectile speed" that if it works like previously, it should increment our clear speed a good bit.

Secondly is the new dual wield wheal that give us "15% Cooldown recovery speed in movement skills" this is going to help us greatly with the clear speed and bossing since we are using flame dash.

Why Ancestral Bond and why Multiple Totems?

After testing I discovered that the DPS is with Multiple Totems instead of a tukohama shield or any other +1 shield, since the dual wands give us so much damage.

Why Blood Magic?

Right now I'm not sure if the mana cost is going to be sustainable for the chieftain (I don't want to use a mana flask since we use two unique flask and don't want to invest skill points in mana regeneration) so I will make a version without it after I test this one and see which one is the one I like more .

Hardcore viable?

Since this is a soul mantle build I don't think so, but feel free try

What about Shield + Scepter?

Sounds tempting maybe if you are going to transform this build in a full Endgame boss killer or a deep delver and you need the maximum DPS possible the Scepter with physical damage as extra and the shield for another totem certainly is going to boost your DPS, but I think that the dual wands are more than capable of handling everything too with faster clear speed.

How do I level this build?

Leveling this build is fairly easy although somewhat slow. I will use the EO (Elemental Overload) Version of this build until late game since you gain damage faster PoB https://pastebin.com/8qprFALw

Pick Up Blood Magic when you have an Essence Worm use Tabula Rasa or a rare 6 link and Multiple Totems until you get your 6 link Soul Mantle.

Melee Leveling

Starting up playing melee using Smite or Cleave until you get Ancestral bond, after that just play the build grabbing life and damage nodes as you seem fit and leaving the crit nodes when you have gear and in maps. Just remember to respec the melee nodes when you switch to Ancestral Bond.

Cleave: Cleave - Onslaught - Chance To Bleed
or use
Smite: Smite - Onslaught - Ancestral Call (Swap it for Chance to bleed in bosses)
Use herald of Purity and Herald of Ash Use them both if you have the mana if not one of them is fine.

Caster Leveling *Preferred way* (Thanks to reddit User Grottenolmlurch777 for the idea and leveling tree)

Mule a witch to lioneye's and pick up wands Freezing Pulse (FP) Arcane Surge and explosive trap switch to your marauder and use FP + Onslaught + Arcane Surge and use Explosive Trap until you get Holy Flame totem, keep an eye for RRB (Red Red Blue)/BRR (Blue Red Red) wands or scepter and BBG for the FP, try upgrading them if you can with the +1 gem recipe (prioritizing the Holy Flame Totem Wand).

Around Level 15 you should be getting Ancestral Bond, the level with it the rest of the way, for links if you can buy or someone get it for you would be Holy Flame Totem, Elemental Focus, Controlled Destruction if not, you can use Added fire + Combustion and also use Herald of Ash + Anger if you can handle the mana.

Caster Leveling Tree


After completing respec accordingly if you feel like you need damage pick up the spiritual aid and divine judgment nodes.

Leveling uniques (Thanks to reddit user IShouldStudyHard for the suggestion)

None of them are required to level the build

Karui Ward (Probably the only one I would buy while leveling)



Nycta's Lantern (Good buy if you don't have a 4 link for your flame totem when you take Ancestral Bond)


Leveling skill trees



Ascendancy progression

Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
Hinekora, Death's Fury
Arohongui, Moon's Presence
Tukohama, War's Herald


Main Gem Links
To be defined waiting for PoB to update for now I will try this ones until find the one setup I like the most.
Holy Flame Totem - Elemental Focus or Combustion - Infused Channeling Support or controlled destruction - Increased Critical Strikes - Fire Penetration or/and Empower Lvl 4 - Faster projectiles or slower projectiles.

Other links
Will update as I play the build and find out what it needs, but for now:
Anger in the Essence Worm
Herald of Ash (only use it before going Blood Magic)
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
(Tentative) Scorching Ray - Faster Casting (Just to get the debuff)
Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (level appropriately with the mana consumption of Flame Dash)

PoB with the final tree



Preferred Uniques and explanation


This is one of the core Items of the build, since it give you all the stats we need, crit chance and damage, don't be afraid about the dreaded less spell damge when low mana since we are blood magic we can't get low mana.

You could also run any other chest you want in the build for example a Shroud of the lightless (close second in dps) Shaper +1 Gems or/and + Crit Chest any othe unique that give you + gem levels would bee good to(need to be tested to check out which chest give you more damage)

Budget Option: Tabula Rasa or Any 6 link rare just remember to add multiple totems to your links until you get the Infernal Mantle.

Help us with the projectile Speed life and damage subject to change depending on how the clear feels with it (It´s not needed if you have two wands with projectile speed).

Budget Option: Regularly this item is quite cheap but you can use any other rare with good stats.

Your first big purchase, depending on how good the new Holy Flame totems is, maybe is going to be necessary to maintaining respectable damage when speccing into blood magic.

Budget Option: Any rare ring with life and resist some crit and crit multi if possible.

Both flask we want them for the same reason the conversion as extra cold and chaos, the taste of hate has the added bonus of being very good defensively too.

Budget Options: Any Utility flask that you like, Quicksilver, basalt or sulphur.

Gearing Rares stats to look for

Wands: Projectile Speed, Crit multiplier, Spell Damage, Crit Chance to spells, Fire damage to spells, cast speed are all good.

Ring: Life, Resist, Crit multiplier.

Boots: Life Resist, movement speed.

Belt: Life and Resist.

Helmet: Life and resist and if you can find any of the Holy Flame totem enchants go for it.

Flasks: Bubbling Life Flask of Heat, Experimenter´s Diamond Flask of Warding.

Jewels: Life, Stats, resists, damage depending on what you need.

Build Variations

Elemental Overload Blood Magic Dual Wield Chieftain Lab Runner/Early Mapper

PoB https://pastebin.com/8qprFALw

For Lab Running switch Soul Mantle for a good +1 6 link Rare chest.

This is the build that I recommend beginning with and switching for the crit version after you got some levels and currency. For this version you will need to add a Orb of Storms - Increased Critcal Strikes - Increased Duration setup to proc Elemental Overload.

Eldritch Battery Mind Over Matter Dual Wield Crit Inquisitor
Max Damage

PoB https://pastebin.com/qm64qGC0

Most likely the most damage version of this build, is on the squishy side and required good gear since you need Mana, Energy Shield and Life as much as you can get.

This build is also the only one completely immune to curses without flask thanks to the inquisitor ascendancy, I recommend this build for a 2nd or 3rd character in the league.

Mind Over Matter Dual Wield Elemental Overload Hierophant

PoB https://pastebin.com/ThgA1Wg9

Probably a good way to start if your objective is to switch to inquisitor once you have the gear. (I think this tree could be optimized some more)

Shield and Scepter BM Crit Chieftain Holy Flame Totem

(Just Grab the code inside the link and use it in PoB, my pastebin IP reach the maximun limit)

So this is a version with no specific weapon you would lose out in clearspeed but gain on damage since you can grab a +1 Shield and can use any other chestpiece you want.

Synthesis Build Diary

Day 1

Got lucky and got and exalted orb drop, with it buy a Essence Worm and then farm a tabula in blood aqueducts

Day 2

Got a Taste of hate for 39c and grab a couple of crit multi faster projectiles wands, next upgrade would be a atizirs promise and a decent amulet.

Day 3 and 4

Made a couple of upgrades with the wands and gear to get more life, now I'm saving to buy the Infernal Mantle, the links will change once we switch to it.

Day 5

Got my Infernal Mantle 6 link for 3 ex, also updated my ammie and belt (trying to get as much cooldown recovery as I can to get max clear speed) right now PoB is giving me around 360k, I think should be enough to do shaper pretty well, don't know about Uber Elder also don't think I can get much more than this in the build as it is right now.


As I said before this is my first guide, so any suggestions in content, typos or format and will be glad to check them out, I will try to keep it updated as frequently as possible, its been fun since it is also my first original build and hope that it could be of use to anyone.

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Your PoB links are not correct. Linking to a ranger.
IGN - I_Shock_Shit
bodhe wrote:
Your PoB links are not correct. Linking to a ranger.

Don´t know how that happened I don't even know Who's build that is, it should be fixed now, thank you!
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Spell Totem cannot support another totem skill, so you won't end up with a higher mana cost from using Soul Mantle.
Boomdog83 wrote:
Spell Totem cannot support another totem skill, so you won't end up with a higher mana cost from using Soul Mantle.

Nice to know! A version without blood magic is an option now, I will add a tree later to the guide and try it after I level the BM one.
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Soul Mantle + Self-Flagellation = Suicide ?
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Hikara wrote:
Soul Mantle + Self-Flagellation = Suicide ?

You can do it without Self-Flagellation and use anti curse flask
Between the Diamond Flask of Warding and the totem consecrated ground, I think you are like 95% of the time curse immune, for me that's good enough for softcore.
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