[3.7] Champion Ice Spear Totem (Lazy Build For Delve 1000+)

livejamie wrote:
Yeah I've been doing the same, I also feel like Freezing Pulse totems blows this out of the water as well.

I tried FP but I sort of prefer the aesthetics and feel of ice spear. I'll try both during the league though.
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First of all... Thanks for this build.

I really enjoyed this build and i'll use again in the next league.
But i need ur help, because my dps is too much lower than yours (even considering that i've not your weapon and the 2 important jewels).
Could anyone check my char and give me your opinion?
Thnx for your help

My POB: https://pastebin.com/4bkd4Tk6

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Will this build be updated to 3.8?

This is the first-ever build for me to kill Uber Elder on, so I would love to see it updated for the new league and see where it stands.
3.8 Will be the same really,

Theres new totem boots that might be fun!

For Annointment:

Piercing Shots - Projectiles Peirce twice

Seems nice to me, frees up slots on gems and helm.

Or you can go more defensive with more HP or Offensive with Spell dmg stuff.
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I really hope this build gets update/ at least fix broken links and some tips ext.... :D Nice build keep up the good work.

Who want to start this build can look broken links like this :


https://poeplanner.com/ (Add the link)
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