found a "weird" bug.

Okay, i made a ranger named Irkalla then leveled up a bit, got some items in the stash THEN a friend of me told me to start both again from level 1 so i decided to ERASE this ranger named Irkalla and decided to make a NEW Ranger with thhat name, when we arrive to town... OH! i check the stash and i had a few items and things from the PREVIOUS char i had(nothing big just 1 bow and some scrolls.

i didnt knew if the stash was for the whole account or something so i just made a warrior with different name obviously and without erasing my ranger and when i arrived town i had nothing in stash.

if you have a char named "XXX" with "YYY" class and delete it but you make the same char again with same name and class you have the things in the stash that the previous char had.

well i hope this helps.

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