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This build doesnt have multi crafting shenanigans or crazy multiple exalt watchers eye to make the build work, its pretty common stuff that you can buy easily on trade sites.

Remember that this build is not min maxed to the teeth and still have plenty of room for improvement.

Introduction: This build is the build i used to kill uber elder.
Like with most new players I was looking for a cheap build that can clear all content. My first toon was an Enki's Arc Witch but the 6link Inpulsa and crafted daggers were too "expensive" for me. Then I found Sleevelessless Tectonic slam which was very affordable but the dps and the survivability was a little too low for my taste. After creating some more toons which isnt relevant to this build i decided to remake my enki arc witch into an Armageddon brand build. If I a total noob could kill uber elder with these items so could you.

So heres the build.

My Current Path of Building



Path of building

3.6 https://pastebin.com/FGvVTvKF

Stated DPS in POB is for a single brand only and also I did not check the shock box cause the calculation is for 50% instead of standard 20% from beacon of ruin. So youre looking at 294k shaper damage at 5L and 400k damage on a 6L per brand

I highly recommend getting path of building if you really like the game.


Heart of the build are these.

The Mokou and eye of innocence combination I got from the sleevelessless tectonic slam build. You take 100 fire damage from Eye of innocence when you ignite an enemy, Mokou ring gives you increased attack/cast speed when you are ignited and be more susceptible to being ignited. Pairing them together will almost always ignite you when you ignite an enemy and increase your DPS as brand activation is affected by cast speed.

Malachai artifice unset ring is used to get Elemental Equilibrium, any gem socketed into it will have elemental equilibrium which boosted my damage even more. Initially I socketed an orb of storms in it to proc Elemental Equilibrium but a friend suggested to use the golem instead.

The martyr of innocence staff is mainly used for the uber elder fight, you can easily switch to a sceptre and shield while mapping. I found the staff after I failed two times with my other toon cause i keep getting hit with the icicles after my anti freeze flask is depleted. So I looked in the wiki, typed freeze and looked for a cannot be frozen item. At first i got the Hrimnor's resolve which would have worked fine but i needed more resistances on my helm.

The rest of the equips i used

Carcass jack, probably your best bang for the buck armor you can use on an armageddon brand build, its cheap and not that rare, purchased it for 2 chaos and bought the 5 link prophecy ( The Jeweller's Touch ) for 15c.

A shaper based glove with faster casting mod. It help to boost your dps, plus it saves you a socket for your flame dash.

Bubonic Trail, I used bubonic trails cause i needed more hp, the increased damage is great as well. Its kind of a pain balancing your resistance though so a rare boots will do fine if you have a hard time balancing yours. remember to use all the types of abyss jewels to get the max benefit of this boots.

Stygian vise, again used cause i need more hp and the abyssal socket helps with the bubonic trail added damage

a Rare helm with lots of HP and resistance, An elder based helm with Concentrated effect will really help boost your dps but not alot.

Recommended leveling gear


use this ring with a warlords mark until you get your eye of innocence, this will help alot with sustaining your hp.

Passive tree


get Arcanist's Dominion first obviously, then Heart and soul after that head to the left side of the tree immediately, get Quick Recovery node first, then Mind over Matter, then Explosive runes then Elemental Overload then Retribution then Holy Dominion to Devotion straight to Runebinder. After that you can pick and choose the nodes you want depending on what youre missing.


This may sound weird but get Paragon of calamity first when leveling, the leech and no reflect is just too good, then refund it later when you have mokou and eye of innocence. it costs 10 refund points which are given free for just doing to quest so its no biggie

Pendulum of destruction and mastermind of discord

Shaper of desolation

Refund your Paragon of calamity and get beacon of ruin


Gem links



get the armageddon brand to level 20 and quality 20 as soon as possible, the increased cast speed from quality is so good.
If you already have a 6link you can add


Orb of storm to proc arcane surge with curse on hit to curse enemies with warlords mark. Increase duration cause im lazy and I dont want to proc arcane surge every 4 seconds. You can get away with a 4 link here, increased duration is just for quality of life. Also the warlords mark isnt that important as youre already leeching from your amulet, you could swap it out for flammability curse for more dps and swap the increase duration for mana leech. But I had all the DPS i needed so i used warlords mark for the convenience. Also i didnt have the chromatics to recolor my sockets so i used this combination

IMPORTANT NOTE dont level up your arcane surge past level 1 until you get high level orb of storms. I REPEAT DONT LEVEL YOUR ARCANE SURGE, i will hunt you down and scream mean things at you if I ever see you in global chat asking for people to buy you a level one arcane surge.

Other gem links.

Classic combination, of cast when damage taken and immortal call. dont level these. I repeat DO NOT level these gems, they stay level 1. See above of what i will do to you if you level them.

Brand recall and herald of ash with enhance support, the herald of ash isnt really that important to be linked to enhance support, i just felt like it and gives a minor boost of dps. *shrugs*

Flame dash and faster casting so you can schwoooop faster, when you get your shaper based gloves, you can put the flame dash on any blue socket and it will have faster casting, saving you a gem slot.


VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT NOTE. Aside from the gems specified to be linked in a specific item, all gem links can be used on whichever equipment you can use it on, it doesnt matter, they will work just fine. obviously you cant put a 5link in a 4socket item but you can swap the two 5links just fine, if you have a 5link staff and 4 link armor, put the armageddon brand link on the staff. If the colors of the sockets of your equipment can already accommodate one of the gemlinks above put it there instead of trying to recolor the socket of your equips to match the guide.


get different types of abyss jewels to get the most of the increased damage from the bubonics. once you get all four types of abyss jewels, jewels with increased hp + cast speed will be priority, any other mod is just icing.

And that's about it, the budget budget budget build, build prolly costs around 2-3ex give or take.
Made the build specifically to kill uber elder, as i wanted to kill uber elder on my first league(technically its my 2nd league, played 2 days of delve league). The build is dumb proof for uber elder kills, cast brands then just dodge things, occasionally summoning orb of storms and resummoning brands.

Again, Sleevelessless Tectonic slam build and Enki's Arc build is the inspiration to the build.

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