[3.6] L0RDIE's Ranged cast on crit Chaos (Toxic Rain w/ CoC Essence Drain/Contagion)

SQiDLY wrote:
yes its fantastic as a league start with a quill rain. Blew through content to maps as the OP said. It will become expensive once you try and make that +3bow with CoC and deal double damage bow. OP I would like to learn how to craft something like that, could you do a video explaining it?

It can definitely be expensive (you could blow 40-100ex into it), but to clear end game you really only need 1 ex for the +2 supports craft. It cleared shaper comfortably with a 1 ex investment last league, and I only ran out of time or I would have seen if it could go further.

Re: crafting - there are two main ways to get what you want. The real insight is that you only need 2 mods for top tier, the lvl 20 cast on crit and +1 gems. Both are prefixes, unfortunately.

You need a shaper base, at minimum ilvl 68 (for level 16 cast on crit) or ilvl 75 (for lvl 20 cast on crit). There is a marginal difference between the two, the former granting 37% more spell damage to supported spells, and the latter 39%.

The "best" way to get these mods is with fossil crafting. 3 socket resonator with corroded, metallic, and jagged fossils. This narrows the prefix options down to 4, with a total of 7 tiers in an ilvl 75 shaper base (6 tiers with ilvl 68, so ignoring the percentage chances it is a fair bit easier with a lower tier base).

Currently, this crafting set up if 5c per attempt. So far my experience is that fossils are harder to come by at low delve levels, but I haven't delved particularly deeply yet. Last league it was easy to set up 20 or more attempts with an hour of low level delving.

The alternative method is alt-regaling. You alt roll the bow until you hit either cast on crit or + gems, and then regal. I made my bow last league (the one in the guide) with this method. Since the suffixes don't matter, any suffix is fine.

Once you have a bow with cast on crit and +socketed gems, you then mod with +2 socketed supports (a 1ex craft). I used a crafting service last league, since the recipe can only be unveiled from Catarina.

The ideal set up is + crit chance and + attack speed for suffixes. This can be multimoded, but the "can have multiple crafted mods" craft costs 2ex, which triples the overall cost of the bow.

I saw your video and I noticed that you didn't show the chimera. While the obvious that the build has good map clear, I'm interested to see the build's performance against highly modified shaper and friends and potentially uber elder.

Last league I had limited playing time, so I hadn't optimised the build. Chimera and the other guardians were slow (but safe), so there wasn't much worth watching. This league, damage should be several multiples higher. It still won't be absurd for endgame bosses, but it will be comfortable. Over 1M shaper dps without doubt.

Re: Maloney's Mechanism
Maloney's mechanism with frenzy, cast on crit, and assassin's mark works perfectly. In fact, better than perfect, since it keeps up my power charges even when I am capped on curses. I have temp chains/blasphemy, and no +curse anywhere, and it will often cast on distant enemies who are outside blasphemy range. Literally a free extra curse, and constant max power and frenzy charges with no effort.

If it wasn't clear, the reason I use cast on crit instead of curse on hit is that CoH removes the area from the curse, making it single target. This is much less efficient.

Maloney's Mechanism has also dropped in price now, coming down to around 12-13c (from 20c+ earlier in the league).
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How do you regen your life and mana? Only from trickster ASC?
Mana isn't a big problem usually. If you are a Trickster leveling with Quill Rain it can become a problem, but Patient Reaper is the perfect solution.

Until you have Patient Reaper, a Thief's Torment ring is the main solution. You get tons of hits, so mana gain on hit is always more effective than on kill.

If you are an Occultist or you are leveling without Quill Rain, it shouldn't be a problem. I know on my current Occultist, I hadn't even noticed. Never specifically got gear to regain mana, it just worked.
I was wondering about Fenumus set in all this...
Hey I am very interested to try the Trickster build for this but the pastebin for it only shows 49/123 points spent. Is this intended or is there a bug with PoB or somethin?
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Every time I post a new POB, POB is updated and breaks the pathing. There are a few in the comments that work (last I checked). I will update when I get a chance, but letting the league settle first so the POB updates slow down.

Re: Fenumus, they are ok, but most of them don't add a heap. Adding more hinder is pretty nice for safety, and increased damage taken is great for any build, but the rest of the mods aren't very valuable. IMO you would be better off with just the gloves, or a beastcrafted Aspect of the Spider.
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I've been playing this build, adding in herald of agony, and it is awesome, other than lack of health. I just 5 linked my CoC bow, which let me switch to a belly, but health still seems low. I'm wondering if I should switch to Koam's just for the health. I'd like to add an impresence so I can keep up 2 curses and grab the end of the poison nodes for the toxic rain damage boost.
Could Malachai's Mark be another viable option for charge generation or do you guys think the downtime in the sequencing is too long to make use of it?
Probably not the worst, but you will have power charge downtime. The gloves don't add a lot else (there are better sources of the other stats, although ES on kill can be nice in the right build, but it doesn't help much with most bosses).

I've been progressing through maps without major issues, but due to play time I'm only at T10s right now. I'll definitely update the guide when I am into the endgame content.

One thing I have been trying is the curse side of the ascendancy. Unfortunately, profane bloom seems to disrupt contagion chaining fairly often, so while it does speed up pack clear, it also slows map clear overall since you have to tap every pack.
this build can kill shaper in 3.6? i'm thinking in switch

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