3.6 Trickster Chaos league starter build - Soulrend + Bane. W.I.P

Hiya, just charing my thoughts about my aproch on the new chaos spell caster gems.

As for league starter I want to have a mobile with good clear speed. Once I have enough with currancy I usually change to one of the stronger high expensive builds.

Why Trickster and not Occultist? Occultist is probably a more solid pick for the end game with alot higher survial then a Trickster but wins when it comes to cast speed and mobility.

This is the build base:

ES spell caster gear

At level 75

Bandits kill all.

I'll make a more refinded build onces I have all the details.
Last bumped on Mar 15, 2019, 9:59:33 AM
A reply to keep following this build..
expect a fast mapping trickster
Will follow that too
IGN: guzacon
Will try
Seems really nice! Gonna try something close to this.


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