WTB Legacy quantity gear

Hello i am actualy build mf ranger with q legacy gear so i am lf
Windripper ofc 25 Q
Helmet 20 q(+2 ts its bonus)
Rings 15-20 q
amulet 15-20 q
If you have any other pls feel fre to post or pm me on forum
Last bumped on Mar 19, 2019, 12:10:25 AM

180 ex

150 ex

50 ex

12 ex
ign: Dodgiest

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I speak english mandarin japanese malay hokkien and cantonese :D

My ign : MasshiroYuki / IHeartsBora
Ma time zone : GMT+8
I afk alot when i have alot of items to sell // if not mostly ill be offline (IF I HAVE NO ITEM FOR SELL sobs* :'< )

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