[3.6] g00fy_goober's WinterIsComing Elementalist (Easily Clear All Content)

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Note: If you have any questions pertaining to the build. Please post them here or if you want feel free to ask in stream. Please do not PM me in game or on forum as you will not get a response.

3.6 - Both the hybrid spell/non-chaos and the stand along non-chaos have been changed slightly check POB link to see new crafts of these on weapons it is fully up to date.

When I look for "Top Tier" in a build I have many requirements that must be met. I want a build that can clear ALL content (maps/shaper/lab/atziri/uber elder etc). It must be FUN and ENGAGING, not cost an extraordinary amount of currency, and have the ability to be a league starter with the ability to do all content later on as you upgrade and invest into your character. On top of this it must have fast movement or move skills and not have to worry about any weird issues that ruin builds for me (such as running out of mana, random one shots, not lacking in single target capability, etc etc.)

All in all finding a build that suits me and has all of these things can really be a tall order to fill. Luckily I have found yet another build that fits all of these criteria. Hope you all enjoy!

Very fun and engaging build to play
Very fast pace build
Incredibly fast movement speed with phase run + quicksilver
Flame Dash with faster casting to jump gaps/cliffs
One of the best AOE clears in the game hands down
Able to do strong burst single target damage which shreds map bosses
Incredibly fun self crafting on tons of gear pieces
Can do almost all map mods
Able to do all content (all maps, uber atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians, uber elder)
Extremely high defensive capabilities
Immune to corrupting blood
Warlord's Mark on Hit
Aspect of the spider makes monsters covered in webs which looks sweet
Free Arcane Surge + Inpulsa explosion effect
Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency

Ele Reflect maps are NOT possible
Physical Reflect maps are best to be avoided
Hexproff AND no regen on same map should be avoided.
Can be slightly laggy when you run into allies cannot die totem
Single Target dps is hard to maintain for anything with multiple phases
Not the best uber elder farmer, though can still be done decently
Can be decently expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear

Current OP gear on Betryal league. Mostly full end game gear after min/maxing a lot of stuff. Do not need to go nearly this crazy unless you want the best of the best.

*NOTE* Gear is from 3.5 Betryal league, pics might be outdated if you are reading guide from a league later than this.

Gear breakdown & Stat Prioritization

Rare Shaped helm.

Base: Evasion helm is best since armour sucks in this game
Stats: Try to get helm with both 18+ inc aoe and hypothermia. Life would be next, then res is a bonus. Enchant is pretty helpful but also really expensive.

NOTE: Innervate can be used over hypothermia but the damage is less. I currently use innervate helm because i bought for super cheap helm as is. You also may be able to craft your own (similar to gloves) get inc aoe + hypothermia and then regal/multimod.

Explosion mace is what i call it. Just alt until you get enemies explode dealing 5% of their life as fire damage. Make sure mod is alone. Regal, and annul w/e you regal'd off so its a rare with 1 mod. If you annul the enemies explode mod, just scour and start over. Any MACE base will work (lower str req the better), clubs work fine. Then as of 3.5 and if veiled mods still exist in some way shape or form add the following 4 mods (after multi mod)

- Spell dmg/non-chaos as extra chaos damage
- Non-Chaos as extra chaos damage
- Cold Damage to Spells
- Cast speed/arcane surge on kill

Damage sceptre. Get a good base (sambar base is best with penetration but SUPER expensive) Roll T1 ele dmg as extra chaos damage. Regal + annul w/e you regal'd. If you annul the ele dmg as extra chaos, scour and start over. Then after having just the 1 mod rare, multimod and add the following 4 mods.

- Spell dmg/non-chaos as extra chaos damage
- Non-Chaos as extra chaos damage
- % chance to deal double damage
- Cast Speed/arcane surge on kill

Kaoms Chest is the only thing that is needed here. Will have pseudo 6l for both winter orb + vaal blade vortex, leaving chest wide open. Kaoms chest gives a ton of life so it is all that is needed and BiS.

Rare shaper gloves. Fingerless silk gloves are best but crazy expensive if you happent o be the .00000001 go for them. For the other 99.99999999% just get Ilvl 84+ evasion base. Crafting these babies really is not that bad at all. Getting level 18+ faster casting + slower proj is what you are going for here. Then regal and you NEED to get a suffix. If you get a prefix you can either try to annul it off or just scour and start all over. Good suffix is best (a single high res or even + level to blind/global blind chance on hit). Then to finish these bad boys off you have to multimod and add +1 projectile gems and +1 aoe gems.

GODLY NOTE Gloves are super insane to use on corruption altars for a double corrupt. The BiS would be to get a whopping +2 projectile and +2 aoe gem corrupt. That would add 4 more levels to your winter orb which being a spell gem is a massive amount of damage. Getting curse on hit RIPS the gloves as it will overide your warlords mark or ruin you have warlords mark working. +1 frenzy charge is also decent but +2 gems is obviously a lot better.

Good rare pair of boots is the best option here. Pretty easy to fossil craft something decent. I would suggest getting a level 86+ base (two-toned if you are rich, any evasion base if you are not rich) I highly suggest to get 35% movespeed as you rely on movespeed for 99% of your movement. Get some good life + res after.

Another Good rare piece is the best bet here. I would suggest to get an elder leather belt and just 1 fossil pristine craft until you get a good flat life + % life roll. Can get MUCH MUCH better than the random one i have.

Amulet should be a solstice vigil. Nice damage + attributes + life and a free temp chains aura. However this ammy really shines with the shaper's presence buff which basically makes your charges/buffs last longer (kind of like having temp chains curse on you without having the slow). For rings the first I would worry about is your warlords mark on hit ring. Make sure to get ONE of your rings as an unset ring you need for vaal RF. Alt/aug until you get warlord's mark on hit (any level is fine) then regal and annul (unless u get a good regal then feel free to keep it). Multimod and then put on a few things that help. Aspect of the spider is great to throw on here, + life is a given, -mana cost to skills really helps sustain your winterorb if you are not leeching or have reduced regen or recovery or any number of other things. The +lightning dmg/+cold dmg is just to put some added dmg on and to ensure that you have some sort of lightning damage to make sure your shock from elementalist is there. Though we do have herald of thunder as well. Second ring is just some life/stats/res. Can get 10x better than one i have. Strength helps a lot with weapon str requirement.


1x Green Nightmare jewel. This gives you free frenzy charges on kill which gives a bunch of extra damage, gives % cold damage as extra chaos damg and more dodge. Really nice jewel. Place it by the scion start jewel socket with res in it.

1x Anatomical knowledge jewel with corrupting blood cannot be inflicted on you. Gives a nice bonus to life (if placed directly to left of the witch start) along with a much needed corrupting blood cannot be inflicted on you. Winterorb attacks so many times per second that it is really easy to instantly get like 15 corrupting blood stacks on you. Also killing a bloodlines pack with corrupting blood makes them explode in aoe giving you max stacks incredibly fast. This jewel makes all of that not matter.

Rest of jewels I just went for spell dmg while dual wielding (since its highest spell dmg roll on jewels and 7% max life. Also got some minor res as a bonus since i was lacking some on gear. Then just exalted for last mod and hoped which failed me every single jewel but o well.

Gems & Links

4L Setup (winterorb in gloves for pseudo 6l): Winter Orb - GMP - Cold to Fire - Increased Duration
4L Setup (Vaal BV in helm for pseudo 6l): Vaal Blade Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Physical to Lightning - Conc effect
3L Setup: Herald of Ash - Herald of Thunder - Herald of Ice (Can all be unlinked)
3L Setup: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Portal
1L Setup (unset ring): Vaal Righteous Fire
4L Setup: Phase Run - Enhance - Blasphemy - Temp Chains


Dying Sun is the huge one here. Gives extra projectiles, more aoe for vaal bv and less fire damage take + fire res. Just a great Flask.

Atziri's promise is up next. Phys + ele rolls are important as vaal bv is phys (or half phys + half light) and winter orb is all ele. Adds a ton of damage and some leech along with some chaos res of course.

Sulphur Flask is next. This is just simply for more damage, and is very interchangeable. If you want a jade flask, basalt, or anything else feel free to use instead. Already so tanky though that i opted for more damage. Silver flask would be pretty nice here too for free onslaught.

Quicksilver Flask is pure utility. Run fast, always :)

No No Map Mods
- Ele Reflect is by far the worst here and can not be ran.
- Phys reflect can be ran but you can NOT use vaal blade vortex. If you are anything like me, you say ok no vaal bv, and by time you get to boss, muscle memory goes completely against you... you throw it out anyway and watch you own yourself. Because of this i just don't run any reflect.
- Hexproof + no regen can not be ran together unless you use a mana flask which is annoying as all hell. Either one is fine by itself, just can't do both at same time.
- Temp chains is horrible like it always is and cant stand being slowed, so it gets rerolled everytime, without fail.

Gloves - Double corrupt is 100% the best way to go with +2 projectile and +2 aoe gem corrupts. +1 Frenzy charge is not bad. Ele Weakness on hit might not be bad if you spec for dual curse and make sure your warlord's mark still works. After that Gripped gloves implicit is best, fingerless silk gloves is next best. If just normal pair of gloves just run w/e you want.
Boots - Two-Toned boots are one of my favorites if you can find a good pair but can be pretty expensive. Any other enchant here is fine, more move speed, attack/cast speed are offensive options. Cannot be stunned is pretty good defensive one. + flat lightning dmg is pretty good for single target stuff as well.

Helm - +2 winter orb stages is super good. However it is also super expensive. I played most of the build WITHOUT enchant and it worked fine, however enchant takes it to a whole new level.


Kill all

Ascendancy Points

Pendulum of Destruction > Mastermind of Discord > Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin


Minor God - Shakari. I simply like the immune to poison.

Major God - Any will work but I like the Soul of Lunaris for added projectile avoidance, dodge, and no chained projectiles.

PoB link

T16 Casual Map run - https://youtu.be/U0eZHUf29Ts

Is non vaal BV ever used? No. Only vaal bv for single target burst. 90% of play is just keeping winterorb up and covers all clear. For bosses hit vaal RF then Vaal bv + dmg from your winterorb instant bursts single target stuff.

Why are bosses with multiple phases super gay? I ask myself this question every day, blame GGG. After casting vaal rf + vaal bf, not having them on any boss fight with phases = doable but 3x slower. Multiple phase fights for regular map bosses should not be in game. Though i understand why things like shaper/elder etc have multiple phases. For things like desert springs boss, lava lake boss, tower boss, etc etc just skip them.

Why don't I have enough Str? Depending on base of your weapons, the str requirement can be huge. Keep an eye out for this when you buy a base for your weapons.

I don't like this or that with your build. Do I have to do it? 100% Absolutely Not. This is a build that I tweaked specifically to fit me. Do to you what feels right and looks good for YOU. YOU are the one that has to play it and enjoy it. Trust me when I say if you change your damage by a few hundred or even a few thousand or swap your defenses around it will not make or break the build for the most part. However keep in mind that I will always advise people to do what I have laid out in the build.

Why do I keep running out of mana? With 3x Heralds + aspect of the spider reserved we do not have a huge mana pool left. Having mana leech + warlord's mark takes care of most of this but if you are not hitting a monster or have hexproff on map or something you will run out here and there. For the most part it is not an issue though.

How do we generate frenzy charges? The frenzy charge generation comes from the gren nightmare jewel.

How do we generate endurance charges? This comes from warlord's mark. Don't do much but added res/phys reduction is free so like... why the hell not, amirite!?

Is this build SSF/HC Viable? SSF I would say definitely not. I mean can you use winter orb without a lot of this gear sure. But what makes the build fun to me is having the inc duration gem + the +2 stages enchant + skill duration nodes + solstice/shaper presence and keeping winter orb up for a very long time. On top of that i like all the specific pieces of gear and things that they give. This would be very hard to do on SSF. HC viable is 100% absolutely. We have great defenses with almost 9k life (easily achievable with better belt/boots/ring) along with 49% dodge, 30% spell dodge, 21% evasion, max res, 11% block, leech/regen, and some other avoidances. This build is insanely tanky.

How do you run all 3 Heralds + Temp Chains? Read the build guide! Mastermind of Discord gives your heralds 25% reduced mana reservation and solstice vigil ammy gives your temp chains 100% reduced mana reservation.

How do you apply 2 curses when you only have 1 max? Warlord's mark on hit applies to enemies that are further outside your aoe with blasphemy/tc. This means enemies are cursed with warlords mark while running through map and if any get to close they are slowed by TC instead. The curses both work fine because you still maintain your life + mana leech and slow enemies which get close to you which is exactly what you want. On bosses, the second they die or you move out of range of blasphemy radius, you instantly start leeching again from the last hit. The TL;DR is , don't worry about it, it just works.

Why Beacon of Ruin over Paragon of Calamity? Can not believe how much this is being asked. Basically I would guess it is from those who do not understand everything written down in beacon of calamity. That being said... the full explanation is on page 21 if you want to read a more in depth explanation.

Hope you all enjoyed the guide and hope it allows many players to enjoy this wonderful game even more. If you have any questions/comments/vouches you are encouraged to post up as long as you have FULLY read the guide. Again you are also encourage to come ask questions on my stream. Happy farming my fellow exiles!

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Video uploaded of a casual T16 map run
Last edited by g00fy_goober on Feb 15, 2019, 5:17:34 PM
Minor changes to tree/items/skill. Veiled non chaos as extra chaos damage crafts changed a bit. Will have to see new crafts to see what is BiS. Minor damage nerf to winter orb.

Overall nothing game changing or build destroying. Fully updated for 3.6.
was going to go my normal Arc totems but rip that, IM so glad WO didnt get fucking dumped on, This will be my league start. Thanks
whats the best levling skill til WO?? this will be my starter
UhYuuki wrote:
was going to go my normal Arc totems but rip that, IM so glad WO didnt get fucking dumped on, This will be my league start. Thanks

Ya arc got nerfed a bit, but honestly it needed to be toned down a bit. Should be a pretty good starter.

Herba_life wrote:
whats the best levling skill til WO?? this will be my starter

Would probably use freezing pulse and/or bv. Freezing pulse for a1 and then BV by level 12 until you can get winter orb. You can either keep BV or use freezing pulse/firestorm or w/e as a clear until 28. Freezing pulse not too bad and it got some buffs to dmg. Might be good to level with for a few acts with like LMP and a damage support.
Came here from Nathan Walker, let me see your uber build and play a cheap winter orb brain dead build.

Thank you.
With the ele as chaos affixes being changed to apply to only a single element do you think the cold to fire conversion on W Orb will no longer be necessary or does the effect from Atziri flask alone justify its inclusion?
Would it be possible for a recommended list of low cost unique's to keep an eye out for league start before getting into the crafted gear.

Note : Skill tree not completed, missing 30 skill points.

Many thanks
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Winter Orb and Vaal RF are being nerfed significantly. Do you still think this build will hold up?

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