[3.6] Indigon Winter Orb- Fast, Tanky, High Damage |Deathless U.Elder, T16 easy farm

In what order would you prioritize gear? I have around a 3 ex budget in Synthesis to get started, and planning to upgrade as I go.
Get Indigon + doedre / 3 fevered mind all you need to get started. Rest ia all about cost effectiveness- got a corrupted 6 link, belt, boots fairly cheap. Use mark of submission till u get a dedent warlock mark ring. My starting wands cost just 10c combined. Next for me would be to save up for dying sun I am completing taking my time on the atlas but i am pretty sure i can already do guardians/ shaper even on my current budget gear.
Hi there! having a blast with your build.
However, i have a doubt. If i put controlled destruction instead of added cold, i can't crit (1.6% chance to crit) hence, i can't gain elemental overload. How you gain it?

edit: yes, on the budget of doedres+indigon+6L cheap+ wise oak you can kill shaper. i killed it last night with no deaths, and pretty fast
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Added below section on build guide :)
Note: Due to new changes in 3.6 to remove 5% crit floor, to use controlled destruction, you need to make up for the loss in crit chance either through gear or tree eg. Loreweave + light of Divinity, 1 roll of spell crit chance on weapon or grab annihilation on tree.

I also made an updated POB for 3.6 with random sample gear (good stuff but not god tier). In there the DPS already reads 800k / projectile so you can work out the maths.

Thanks for this build, transitioning into it from regular winter orb, and since never used Indigon before, very unfamiliar with what works etc.

For instance, just got a new sceptre, and has an open suffix. Which is better, cast speed or mana regen? Of course, in POB cast speed is a huge dps boost... but would the mana regen work better with indigon?

I'm still reluctant to switch out some dps nodes in a similar way... everything I know says don't! but that's because I don't know indigon. Any insight?
Go for cast speed. It increases both WO ramp up and firing speed. A

Learn to use this calculator for Indigon:

You don't need any DPS nodes, invest all of them into mana. Mana gives you both DPS and defense that's why I use a Atziri Foible and not Pandemoneus. The only thing about Indigon since the changes in 3.5 is that it caps at 2000% increased spell damage, so unless you are capping it with crazy amount of mana on gear (not easy) I don't think there are better investments on tree.

Note: Actually in POB 3.6 cast speed is almost a 1-1 DPS increase. Not sure if something wrong on this, but if true I would consider switching out Doedre for cast speed gloves and also take Dark Arts on the tree. Anybody tested this?

Can somebody check my profile? i feel my dmg isnt good :(
smashi007 wrote:
Can somebody check my profile? i feel my dmg isnt good :(

1.- change controlled destruction for infused channeling
2.- buy wise oak flask (your cold res must be the highest)
3.- try to buy taste of hate
4.- if you're not losing mana, you should put 1-2 fevered mind in your tree, it will help to lose mana and hence, gain spell damage
The Path of Building does not work anymore for some reason :(
Fixed the POB link (don't know what went wrong earlier).

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