3.6 Ascendant Wild Strike - Melee is "dead" Part 2! +3mil dps/~7k life (Shaper/Uber Elder down)

i believe your PoB link needs an update

My error. Should be fixed now =)
Any recommendations on maybe an alternative weapon or the type of rare weapon to look for till I can grab a voidforge?
Hi, I chose this build as starter, but I'm struggling with leveling.
Can I ask for a guide at leveling and intermediate items, at least weapons and amulet that will work great before getting the endgame items.
Thank You.
So when do you go for wild strike?

And how do you level it?

I can't seem to get any damage out of it at level 60
heitu wrote:
garbage build, since there's times where you deal 0 damage.

I like every feedback i can get. But i dont understand why you think there are times when i deal no damage?!


i have Mechanic Questions.

My train of thought:

Wildstrike have 100% Conversion and you Choose Random between lightning, cold and fire.

How works the Conversion from Rings and Amulet in these case?

So you get the Conversion only for the extra Damage or you get the conversion for all damage include the Wildstrike?

Does that mean all of your wildstrike attacks are just making fire or are cold and lightning unaffected by the conversion?

Well we play Avatar of Fire in this variant. So every damage we deal gets converted to fire damage. With Pyre and Call of the Brotherhood we nearly convert all cold and lightning damage to fire.
To answer your question - We convert all damage including Wildstrike. This does mean we deal only fire damage!

I think maybe he thought like I did that it didn't actually add directly for conversion. The way I see it, there are basically 3 damage type efficiencies.

1) Fire damage. 100% of damage is converted.
2) Cold damage. 90% of damage is converted. 50% +40% for conversion.
3) Lightning damage. 50% + 40% * .9 = 86% for conversion.

This is surprisingly better than I would think. However, in the worst case you do end up dealing only 74% (wild strike chooses lightning, voidforge chooses lightning).

My only question would be why wild strike at all? Suppose you switched to a pure fire skill tectonic slam, molten strike or consecrated path. Then at this point, you would only be at 86% efficiency for damage in the worst case scenario.

Also, thanks for the tip about Voidforge. I was wondering why my projected damage was pretty much garbage compared to other weapons.
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I think one major thing is to farm/or buy a helmet from uberlab, because you can geht +40% of wild strike damage on that...would be nice
wild strike f*cking rubbish >_<
molten strike imba <3
Loving this build so far!

Is there a lightning or Cold version of this? Xoph's blood is a bit expensive right now :(
Interesting build. I was looking for a melee/scion build, I think I might try this one. I'm curious though - why Hatred instead of Anger?
Also, why is Lightning Golem socketed with Cast on Damage Taken Support? I don't see why that'd be wanted (chest gems).

edit: nvm, my other char is a necro/summoner, i didn't realize how squishy golems can be for other classes
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