[Selling]Full Mirror-Tier Tornado shot build settup - Non MF

Hello Shoppers,

I decided to retire my Tornado shot build.
All the gear is listed on Poe.trade but for oversight I decided to compile the whole package of gear here.

If you decide to buy multiple/all gear pieces im more then eager to give you discounts.

Due to Personal reasons I wont be able to be online as much but I will be checking my Forum messages, so if you cant reach me ingame feel free to PM me here.

With that said, Happy browsing

Main Gear Slots

Jewels for Gear/passives tree

Notable Skill gems (21/23)

All other non notable flasks and gems are still there aswell.

Trivial shit

If you decide to buy the whole/most Package im willing to Sell it for major discounts.

Feel Free to message me if you have any questions or Offers.
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