hello!!! i want refund!! PLZ ...

hello i'm noob in this game lol

im equiped staff, but that is not so cool!!!!!

i... want change my weapons ouppit!! then i bought ' INNOCENCE LONGSWORD ' outpit in shop.

but... they doesn't apply my staff TT

why??? follow this product descriptions " They apply to any weapons you equip." !!!!

why!!??!?!? TT i want change my outpit .....

plz refund my point 135 PLZ......

sry im korean.... then not expect to eng~ lol

good day commaand!!!

refund my point YY
Last bumped on Jan 21, 2019, 3:02:00 AM
Literally on the purchase page

Replaces the appearance of a one-handed sword, mace, sceptre or axe with the Innocence Sword.

While the text under it says any it is assuming you have read what you are buying and understand that it is any one-handed sword, mace, sceptre or axe.

Also, email support.
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