Stutter Issues Under Graphical Loads.

Here is my MTR link:

Ethernet connection through a Router.

This is a constant issue, but was HighLighted when doing Uber Elder for the first time. Any time a big attack occurred (which happens very often during this fight) I can not move out of the way because I stutter, almost freeze, in place. Then when the attack is over, I am dead. Beat him. Watchers Eye dropped. but couldnt get the loot because I died on my last Portal.

Edit: I just cleaned out my computer to make sure dust clutter was removed, going to keep an eye on Temp to see if this helps with anything.

Edit2: Alright, I am going to try Uber Elder again with some changes made. First, I turned on Predictive Networking mode. Second, I cleaned my graphics card out. Third, I am making sure that no other programs are in the background that may be causing issues. If I still experience issues, I am going to make a new post to bump my thread.

Edit3: Looking like the Stutter issue resolved itself... but I am not convinced that things can not be improved upon... if there is an issue with my MTR info that could be fixed, I would love that knowledge.
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