I'm Doroni, and i'd like to share my build, because it's VERY effective and funny to play. I'm not posting videos from endgame content fights, because my PC is too potatish to make any, but if someone records any fight using that build feel free to post in comments.



-funny :)
-effective (up to Uber Elder!)
-very smooth playstyle
-easy leveling
-relatively cheap to gear
-good survivability
-IMMUNE TO ELEMENTAL AILMENTS (can't underestimate that)
-no Inpulsa needed :)


-not 100% idiotproof :(
-ele reflect maps = death
-not exactly (Uber) Atziri farmer, brands are unpredictable, and CHAINING => reflect clone => R. I. P.



Rush to Runebinder upper way (use any skill you like in 1 act, after Merveil you get Storm Brand).

Runebinder is a keystone passive skill, reduces maximum of summoned totems by 1, but allows you to have another brand attached to the enemy (by default, only one brand can be attached). This keystone makes your single target damage OVER 2x MORE!

Lvl 14 skill tree, after 2 skill point quests in 1a

Go to Retribution via elemental damage passives, after that respec 2 intelligence points using refund points gained for completing 'A Dirty Job' quest:

Go to Runebinder AGAIN, but this time the right way :) also complete Runebinder wheel:

Get nearest brand nodes and some life, and (when you get refunds from quests during gameplay) refund 3 intelligence points, next to: Zealot's Oath, Avatar of Fire and ele dmg/jewel. Tree should look like this:

Now its time to get some more damage (EO) and resistances (Kitava's cruel affliction):

MoM, mana, 2 sockets and last brand node:

After that, order of points is less important, final tree (lvl 90) should look like this:

Finally, at high levels get more jewel sockets (if you have good ones :), if not, life near scion.



Helmet: Look for as much life and mana as possible, temple mod %of physical damage taken as ele dmg (great!), and resists (or free suffix to craft)

Amulet: DON'T SPENT TOO MUCH CURRENCY HERE!!! Try to get rather cheap one, like mine, thats why: Jorgin in research changes amulet base to talisman (talisman tier = Jorgin level), with a little bit of luck you can get VERY powerful necklace :)
Here is link to poe.trade, remember: amu must have resistance(s) or suffix to craft it (best will be both, but... a little expensive)

Great staff, and extremally cheap. Even near perfect rolled like mine can be bought for less than 10c (!!!). Good rare can be better but... as written above, expensive

Not much to explain here, put wrath inside.

Probably best in slot, life, res, aoe, area dmg.
Why not Inpulsa?
1.We are elemental ailments immune (from Arcane Blessing), so immunity from inpulsa is useless
2.Shock explosions also not needed, Storm Brand deals very good with masses (aoe, chain)
3.Shock effect and damage if shocked recently - useless, elemental focus

Ring: Opal base, as much life and mana as possible, some resists, free suffix for crafting more, and DEXTERITY for armor. (Don't count on dexterity from amulet's implicit, it will change into talisman)

I LOVE these gloves. Life, some ES, possibility to recover all ES during every fight(sacrificed life brands leech back to you in no time)! And 20% cast speed... Also, try to get some curse on hit corruption here (elemental weakness offensive variant, enfeeble defensive). If you are lucky enough to get enfeeble here, remove it from CWDT setup and put cold snap there instead.

Belt: Stygian base, high life, armor is good to have, resists AND free suffix to craft more.

Boots: Rare with as much life and mana as possible, 25%+ movement speed. IMPORTANT: Try to get resists everywhere else so even without boots equipped get capped res. Why? Switching to Kaom's Roots on Uber Elder fight :)

My jewels are pretty obvious, I don't reserve any mana, so Clear Mind was easy choice, Watcher with mana leech/wrath also, remaining four are life and damage (and resists to cap)


Gem links are in item section, here is only few words why.

Storm Brand:
Faster Casting is a MUST-HAVE for brands, it increases activation frequency (how often brand hits enemy).
Shock: "the damage increase scales relative to the amount of Lightning damage dealt to the enemy's maximum life"
Storm Brand hits very often, but with rather small damage, so it won't shock endgame bosses, thats why I use Elemental Focus.

Decoy Totem:
Saved my back hundreds of times. Why multiple totems? Because of Runebinder maximum number of our totems = 0. Also, Multiple Totems Support with quality increases totem placement speed.

CWDT 20lvl:
Molten shell absorbs 1,5k dmg! It's too good too miss :)
Lightning golem: I'm too lazy to self-cast it.

I don't use Brand Recall, no need to. I prefer cast few new brands (and by the way recover my ES)

Links while leveling:

Add Faster Casting and Controlled Destruction as soon you get these supports (about 18 lvl)

When you start using Demon Stitcher get 4l BBBR and add Life Leech Support (for leeching back sacrificed life)

If you get 5l BBBBR BEFORE merciless lab add Concentrated Effect Support, if not - switch with Life Leech (AFTER merc lab, you will get leech from Illuminated Devotion)

Add Lightning Penetration as 5th link, Elemental Focus - as 6th


Hierophant, of course :)

Normal: Sign of Purpose (as soon as possible)
Cruel: Illuminated Devotion (you can wait with this until merciless, and then do both)
Merciless: Arcane Blessing
Eternal: Divine Guidance (extra survivability)

Bandits: KILL ALL

Major: Soul of Solaris with 2 first upgrades (don't care about 3rd upgrade, we're elemental ailment immune, right?)
Minor: Soul of Gruthkul upgraded (switch to Shakari upgraded if need poison immunity)


Life with bleeding removal, must have.

"PANIC BUTTON" - fast life recovery, just in case :)

Physical damage mitigation, Taste of Hate would be better, especially for Uber Elder encounter (less cold damage taken)

Sometimes useful, when I lose all mana to MoM, and don't have time to wait until brands leech me mana back :)

And of course quicksilver, mods any you think useful - Poison/curse removal, extra movement speed... anything

That's (probably) all Folks!

Thanks for reading

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looks nice
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You the 2nd best hierophant in poeninja !gg
Max blocks Tanky dualist 34-40k dps thread/1028992
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