Game dropped in desktop...


Faced a problem, recently the game began to spontaneously throw on the desktop. No matter where to be, in the main menu, on the character selection screen or in the game itself. Just the game closes and everything, nothing helps.

Changed OS
Reinstall Steam, the game itself.
All drivers.

Faced with such a problem? The game is impossible ...

The video looks like a problem -
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if you crash to the desktop then you should be getting some sort of error message, i didn't see one on the desktop BUT you can also find them in the event viewer.

So, go have a look in the event viewer match up the times and post the full error messages you have for the crash and provide a dxdiag(up load it to pastebin and post the link)
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The most interesting is that there are no errors. logs do not have time to fix it - DXdiag
Same problem started today.
Verified game files integrity - it's ok.
No error message shown.
Game works for like 2 mins before crash.

Just got one more crash on the character selection screen. While game was freezed I could alt-tab to exception alert, but..
Bumping the post. Reinstalled game last friday and played game today about 4 hours. Game keeps crashing minium 2 times a hour. Steam files were verified and no error messages pop up.

Does anyone have any kind of idea where this error is coming from?
I faced same problem after 3.5.2 patch deployed.

I could not finish temple run - game crashed 6 times before I could reach the boss.
No errors in Client.txt though.

I switched to DX9 and it seems to patched the problem, but that's not a solution for me.
UPDATE 19.01.24: recent patch fixed the issue for me
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