Ping and Server Issue (Turkey)

Hello i have this problem like 2 years maybe more. Because of the server locations. Its not related to game servers. I have 80 fps any Frankfurt servers checked at the speedtest. I think im not the only one having too much ping. If any server located to Istanbul that would be amazing or maybe less then 80 ping servers. Its not so hard to play with 80 ping but sometimes it goes to 110 130. Here simple video about ping. Thanks for the help.
Last bumped on Jan 31, 2019, 12:30:44 AM
yes we have really big ping problem.. We need help senpai..
an Istanbul server would be awesome!
and Turkish language support is perfect.
WinMTR 0.92 while you play with the problem for 300 seconds, all you video would show is that you have a problem, not where that problem originates.
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i've the same problem
Program not working.

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