3.5 Zombie Baron , Immune bleed, frozen, ignite,stun +1.1kes/s 10k es,can afk chimera minotaur hydra

Hi, i'm working at this build a long time.
I want be able to tank all stuff and just walk with fast clear.
This build do this.
I have respec my character many times, tried CI, golems, and some more stuff, but only now i can say that really tank stuff.

So, the build can be "budget"(around 5~6ex), but to reach full potential i think its need to expend 20+ ex, Even with budget itens it will be effective *Can go 5L shavs till get a 6L one, the zombies do awsome damage since we have Hatred aura.The only expensive "must" item i think is presence of chayula, becouse its give a huge ES bost.Also a raise zombie lvl 21 gem is important for hard boss fights, making zombies imortal.

30/1: updated skills gems and added POB

POB updated 30/1


The build focus on stack str to Baron works, and also use auras to make the necromancer defenses and offences take huge boost
*Determination + High shield armour + Zombies + Watcher's Eye make us to have a lot psychal reduction (i'm at 11k armour + 8% reduce from Solaris + 8% from watchers and +11% from zombies)
*We sustain with spirit offering healling about 600 es per 520 dmg(+extra max es) + 1.1~2k es regen/sec + zombie life leech + molten shell
*+4 all max resits from auras, +1 max lightning res from passive tree
*Immune to Bleed, Ignate and Frozen + Poison from Pantheon

Key Stones
Elemental Equilibrium, Ghost Reaver, Blood Magic, Zealoth Oath

Itens explanation

*Cerberus Limb gives near +500 es with a high shield armour(get +str on this one)
*Shaper touch is core giving a huge ES boost since we stack STR.
*Shavs is necessary due to BM
*I think 1 Le Heup of All ring is necessary to max all resist properly and to have enough status
*Cyclopean coil gives us Ignate and Frozen imunnity + Huge life and status, it not a must, u can go with a nice abyss belt, but for me the benefits from this belt is to valuable to pass off.

Just go full life without ghost reaver and bloodmagic, get an carnage hearth amulet and a 5l armour body weapon with the stats u need(its cheap and easy to lvl)

Status : outdated (see POB for last changes)

Spirit Offering + Boots Enchant on hit(With Molten Shell on armour goes to 14K)

Whithout hit(zombies are not summoned)



Flask went for MS and any defences u like.

Gems Explanation


Summon Stone Golem


Molten Shell allow us to get more tankiness and proc the EE perk.




Run 2 Carnage chieftains for frenzy charges


Unhearth lv1 + GMP lvl 1 + Spirit Offering lvl 8 + CWDT lvl 1

The green slot must go first for example
G - B
R - G

To unhearth procs before Spirit Offering.


Enlighten lvl 4 + Determination + Discipline + Purity of Ice


6l - Faster attacks + Raise zombies + Minion Damage + Minion Life + Empower + Melee Phy Sup

Passive Tree



Not necessary, but gives a huge boost to status (Determination+Discipline), have paid 8ex on this one.

+ES, some debuffs for easy fights, not necessary to u can go watheaver u want.

x2, I have got a -12% int one to get more dex than int, so Cyclopean Coil gives its full benefits

4x, u can get +21-22 str ones thats cheap and fits well

Pantheon: Solaris + Shakari


Discipline, Purity of Lightning
Purity of Ice, Hatred
Purity of Fire, Determination

Animate Guardian Builds

Ground spammer(6% regen sec)-
Advancing Fortress Gut Ripper
Rathpith Globe Titanium Spirit Shield
The Bringer of Rain Nightmare Bascinet
Zahndethus' Cassock Sage's Robe
Meginord's Vise Steel Gauntlets
Rainbowstride Conjurer Boots

Damage aura+ms aura (better one)
Dying Breath
Leer Cast
Ambu's Charge Crusader Chainmail
Meginord's Vise Steel Gauntlets
Victario's Flight Goathide Boots

Try to get enfeeble on hit in the gloves

That's it, just wanna share the idea, i think its very different than other builds. I don't have videos couse my coumputer is old and lags a lot. Ty for reading.
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When you mean "tanky", how tanky is the build?. tier 16 maps? guardians? shaper, elder?
T16 maps are easy just walk around with no trouble.
The shaper fight is also very easy, but i cant do it couse my coumputer runs the game at 10 fps, but just dodge the slam. Can tank the beam for few seconds. The minions easy survives to all fights, and if u put imortal call on this fight maybe the only thing that will need to do is dodge the beam (actually can tank it for some secs)

Edit: Can afk Piety t13, Kitava t15, cursed king t14, Malachai t13
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Updated: Take out Alberon and include Death Door's boots.
i have a wooden pc and i can do uber elder ez. i use directx 11 and dynamic resoluton with target framerate 60 fps. windowed fullscreen, vsync on, 1920x1080, every detail off or low
My pc is good but the visual on board(GeForce 210) crashes everything, and i have tried put the offboard grapichs but the system rejects it. SO i play in slow motion =D
I pulled up your character in standard and you changed your gear a lot? should I be following what gear you have on now or the gear in this post?
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https://pastebin.com/E1EsP0NP this is the new setup

-20 chaos resist
-4 all max resist
-6k armour
- 50 resist to minions
up to almost 11k es(from 9.4)
+500 max es
+2 zombies
old build heals 600 es per 525 dmg
this one heals 1.1k es per 525 dmg
phase run
immortal call
carnage chieftain

Idk both are good, im testing this setups, but i think the old one(this posted) was better.
In the old setup drop molten sheel and try to get a + fire/light damage to spell unset ring to proc EE(expensive), put specter on baron and golem on the slot of molten shell and get a carnage chieftain, just 1 will do the job, on faster atack gem go for Ruthless for more DPS

Obs: need put bloodmagic on baron as well so u can drop the golem or get avatar of fire to proc EE

Edit: https://pastebin.com/vvgeSdQg i think this is the most powerfull setup possible for this build, but i still working
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If your leech from baron is being applied to your ES...then where is the regen for life coming from? since you are using blood magic to cast zombies? Could you please try to upload a video. All I see is with reasonable 112 points spent your minions are hitting 30k with slam with a 2.50-second cooldown since you are not using violent dead. Using CWDT lvl 20 also doesn't trigger all the time you will most likely want to bring CWDT level down to at least 12.
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Ill try later buddy.
The life regen is coming from flask, setting off one of puritys to cast zombie if necessary. The dps goes up to 56k with slam since i using carnage chieftain now and ruthless, it still low couse i using minion life instead of one more offensive support + montegrul, i searching for a balance into High survival and dps. Ty for the cwdt tip, ill make some changes and try to upload some videos.I still working on this build.Also pob miss the +33% damage from guardian, and enfeeble too

old build with changes pob

lvl 100 https://pastebin.com/ve5vSW04

any ideas are welcome
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