[3.7] Spider Bros ||| Arakaali's Fang Necromancer ||| Everything dead in 5ex || Level 100 reached

Like SRS, but better.

TL;DR https://pastebin.com/aD95s0Ld

My Character (up-to-date for 3.7):
Note that a 6-link does nothing for this build. Don't worry about getting one.

Realistic Shaper DPS: 2mil+ without good gear

Gameplay Videos

Before 3.5.1 Phase Run Nerf
Showcase Video https://youtu.be/WLFSAakQrpU
I did not swap out melee splash for any fight, even Uber Elder.

T15 Clear Speed Video https://youtu.be/uKzg0dmzQgw
This map has no regen, didn't even notice. Can do any combination of map mods all at once.

After 3.5.1 Phase Run Nerf
Deathless Uber Elder https://youtu.be/Nl2T3jztQq8
As you can see, the build allows for some mistakes.

T16 without Phase Run https://youtu.be/P3xcCOMsv5s
Spiders give you attack speed that makes shield charge fast.

1 Hour of General Gameplay https://youtu.be/iQepovjrUwo
A variety of Red Maps, 83 Temple, and Delve to showcase the average build play time.

Passives Trees

Passive Tree (Level 95) - without Necromantic Aegis
Passive Tree (Level 90) - without Necromantic Aegis
Passive Tree (Level 90)
Passive Tree (Level 70)
Passive Tree (Level 53)
Passive Tree (Level 30)

Build Changes from Patches

3.7 Warning: Spiders (and all other minions) have trouble breaking legion mobs out of stasis effectively. Minion AI doesn't seem to play nice with this mechanic. Using Sentinel spectres on a 4L+ should help alleviate Legion stasis clear speed.

Change Log

3.7 Changes


Changes to accuracy calculation benefits minions immensely.

Command of the Pit -> Grip of the Council
Added Generosity - Precision (lv 5)

3.6 Changes


Melee Physical Damage Support -> Withering Touch
Hatred -> Malevolence
DPS increased by around 10% with this change.

Spectres no longer spam skills when linking with Blood Magic support gem.

3.5.1b Changes

Nerfed/Exploit Removed

Phase Run Glitch

"Fixed a bug where Phase Run could make you completely invisible to all enemies."

You have to actually dodge now :( Use Shield Charge or Whirling Blades. Each spider gives attack speed, so movement skills are fast.

On the upside, dagger is cheaper!

People have been reporting that Phase Run doesn't work at all now. Ideally it will be 50% visibility, right now its 0%. You can still use it with Decoy Totem, because the movement speed is nice, but you're better off using Shield Charge.


To summon 20 spiders you need to spell cascase+desecrate. Then use

When you kill the 1-hp worm 2 spiders will be created for each nearby corpse. So you only need to kill 1 worm to create 20 spiders as long as there is 10 corpses near the worm you killed.

Resummoning Spiders Mid-Fight

Necromancer gives minion duration, and we take all the duration nodes on the passive tree.

Spiders last 1.5 minutes and Uber Elder dies in 3 minutes. With reduced flask charge mod on belt you get 3 worm jar uses. That's 4.5 minutes of spiders without gaining a single flask charge.

What do I need to make this work?

This dagger. That's it. The rest of the gear is merely a recommendation. You can make this work with just about any ascendency and even the most potato gear.


All of the usual Pros/Cons of any other Minion build also apply here.

  • Very High DPS without needing 6-Link
  • Easy to play
  • Great Clear Speed
  • Relatively cheap for its performance
  • Can do any combination of map mods

  • Requires unique items, not SSF friendly
  • Good defenses require some currency investment
  • Summoning spiders mid-fight can be difficult
  • Gear ceiling is low
  • Convoluted summoning mechanic

Defensive Mechanics
  • 8k EHP (6k Life / 2k ES) at 95
  • Immune to reflect
  • Feast of Flesh instantly restores both HP and ES
  • Fortify from Shield Charge
  • Can focus on dodging because minions are so aggressive
  • Dread Banner reduces accuracy to nearby enemies (stacks with enfeeble)
  • Aspect of the Spider applies a 30% Slow (on bosses too!)
  • Temporal Chains on COH or Blasphemy
  • Enemies permanently blinded
  • CWDT Steelskin

Gear Guide


This shield give you minions permanent Frenzy charges. You can also drop Necromantic Aegis and still use Victario's Charity. Use Ball Lightning to trigger the shield's effect to give your minions frenzy charges.

Otherwise get a good hybrid ES/Life shield. There are a few good elder/shaper mods such as CWDT, +Maximum Resistances, Recover Life/ES on block, and Reduced Mana Reservation.


If you use a rare helmet, fossil craft -9% chaos resistance. You will also want a lab enchant that reduces the mana reserve of Hatred or Haste.

Alternatively you can use Devouring Diadem. It gives you EB which lets you reserve all your mana. If you socket Haste and Hatred into this helmet you will be able to use an Aspect of the Cat/Spider/Crab as well, because of the massive reduced mana reserve it gives to socketed gems.

Every 5 seconds Feast of Flesh consumes nearby corpses restoring Life/Mana/ES on consumption. It's both a boon and bane. Sometimes it consumes the corpses while you try to make spiders, so time it correctly. I also use this helm because it lets the build run no regen maps easily. Do not use this if you're already using March of the Legion

This helmet has the unique line "Minions' Hits Can Only Kill Ignited Enemies". Because we don't ignite it forces mobs to die from the poison DoT. When a mob dies to the poison DoT it counts as your kill and will summon spiders. This lets you only have to summon spiders once at the beginning of the map.


Get at least 15% Reduced Flask Charges Used. Make sure your Writhing Jar is at least 17% Reduced Charges (16 of 40 use). The belt mod reduces the flask charge usage to 13, enabling 3 uses without refilling flasks.


Use unique gloves for more damage. Recent changes to accuracy means we don't need Command of the Pit anymore. Use Grip of the Council for the greatest damage increase.

Otherwise use rare gloves. You'll want life, and resistances. Keep in mind you can craft of minion damage to gloves.

Command of the pit is no longer necessary because of new Accuracy changes.


Movement speed, life, resistances, and dex. Nothing fancy, should be easy to get. You can save a gem slot by getting the "Socketed Gems support by Fortify" elder mod.

Alternatively you could use March of the Legion. This turns our Auras into 30 second "buffs" that don't reserve mana so we can use 4x 50% auras. Do not use this if you're already using Devouring Diadem.


You need 155 dex, get most of it on amulet/rings. Essence crafting minion movement speed is a luxury. Fill out life and resistances.

Be sure to get a ring/amulet with an Aspect of the Spider/Avian if you're planning to use Diadem (check helmet section for details).

For a more expensive option you can use Solstice Vigil. The link setup below will improve the power of TC and it'll still be free to reserve. If you go this route then I strongly recommend getting a Temporal Chains helm enchant.

Blasphemy - Temporal Chains - Enhance - Empower

If you really want to spend big, this is best in slot for just about any minion/aura build. Note that you can also get the Hatred or Malevolence versions to double up on 50% auras.

Body Armour

There's a lot of options here. This should be the last piece you get, use it to fill out anything missing, such as more life, resistances, or other utility options. Note that certain body armours may change your passive tree slightly.


All Ghastly Eye Jewels. Make sure 1 of them has the mod "Minions have a % chance to blind on hit". Spiders attack so quickly everything will be blinded.

Life, minion added phys dmg, minion damage, minion attack speed, minion movement speed, resistances.

Here's a trade search I used to buy all the jewels. https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Betrayal/eaKVdYhL

Watcher's Eye with Phasing is also a nice utility bonus.


Required flask. You need this to summon lv 1 worms to proc the "on kill" summon condition for spiders. It's important to get at least 17% Reduced Charges, because the usage goes down to 16.

Optional unique flask. This is a very good survivability tool, definitely would recommend using one. They're not expensive either.

The other 3 flasks should have
  • Immune to Bleed (if you're not bleed immune from a unique item)
  • Immune to Freeze
  • Immune to Curses

You're more than welcome to use all 3 elemental flasks as well.

If you happen to balance your resistances this is a good defensive option as well.

Total Cost of My Gear (Betrayal)

Dagger - 230c
Helmet - 1c
Shield - 20c
Coral Ring - 50c
Prismatic Ring - 270c
Amulet - 5c
Command of the Pit - 90c
Belt - 5c
Boots - 10c
Body Armour - 15c
6x Jewels - 15-20c each - 120c
816c or 4.8ex

My 5ex worth of Gear

Gem Guide

In Dagger = Withering Touch - Minion Damage - Melee Splash
In Devour Diadem = Malevolence - War/Dread Banner - Generosity
In Dagger = Multistrike - Minion Damage - Melee Splash
In Devour Diadem = Hatred - War/Dread Banner - Generosity

Poison theoretical damage is slightly higher, but the cold based one does about ~2x higher initial hit damage which is significantly better in nearly all scenarios. This is because the poison damage takes time to ramp up.

CWDT (lv 1) - Increased Duration - Immortal Call (lv 3) - Flesh/Spirit Offering (lv 20)
Make sure the Offering you choose is higher level then CWDT so you can still cast it

Shield Charge/Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Malevolence - War/Dread Banner - Generosity
Generosity - Precision (lv 5)
Clarity (lv 1)
Orb of Storms - COH - Temporal Chains - Inc AOE
Spell Cascade - Desecrate

Using Spectres

The "Death Attunement" passive gives us +1 spectres, so we have 2 total.

Spectre #1 Stygian Silverback
Location: Act 2 The Riverways
Utility: Generates Frenzy Charges

Spectre #2 Host Chieftain
Location: Act 7 The Ashen Fields
Utility: Generates Power Charges

Raise Spectre - Blood Magic - Minion Life - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

Alternatively you can go with +1 spectre boots (fossil crafted rare boots can give +1 spectres) and Vis Mortis for powerful 6L spectres. Check this forum post for the latest in Spectre power levels.

If you use these Spectres, either use Lycosidae shield or drop Necromantic Aegis.

Leveling Guide

Level 1-30
At level 4 take Summon Raging Spirits and support with Melee Splash, Minion Damage, and Melee Physical. Rush to the "Spiritual Aid" Passive which makes minion damage also affect you. This lets you use any skill you like. Runebinder Keystone is only 4 points away so if you want to use Brands to level now is the time.

Level 30-53
Use whatever skill you like now that damage is generic. I used SRS because it was decently strong. Go down to the Scion area and get both Increased Duration wheels and Necromantic Aegis. At level 53 you can equip Arakaali's Fang which makes Acts 7-10 trivial.

Level 53-70
At this point Arakaali's Fang is carrying you through the game. Be sure to pick up the reduced mana reservation nodes so by the time you get to level 68 and equip The Devouring Diadem you can use all your auras. If you don't have Ghastly Eye Jewels yet, skip any jewel sockets in favor of more life nodes


Ascendency Order
Commander of Darkness > Mistress of Sacrifice > Puppet Master > Invoker

Kill all

Soul of Lunaris is good for the 100% chance to avoid chained projectiles. Soul of Shakari makes you immune to poison which is really nice. You might also consider Soul of Ryslatha for the improved life flasks.

Lab Enchants
Gloves - of Light (creates Conc ground)
Boots - Movement speed, Regeneration, Attack Speed
Helmet - Dread Banner effectiveness, Flesh Offering attack speed
If you're not using Devouring Diadem you'll need reduced mana reservation for Hatred or Haste


Is this build still viable after Phase Run nerf?
Yes, you have to dodge now instead of AFK.

How do I gain more survivability?
Spec out of Necromantic Aegis and equip a good defensive shield.

Why take Mind Over Matter if we're reserving all our Mana?
The Devouring Diadem gives us Eldritch Battery. Taking MoM "gives back" our ES.

Why go Necromantic Aegis?
If you use Victario's Charity your minions will have 3 Frenzy Charges permanently. Charges count for more on minions, giving 12% more damage and 45% increased attack speed.

Can you refresh spiders' duration?
No, but there's a trick you can do to permanently have spiders while mapping. Instead of summoning all 20 at once, let the 10 or so spiders kill mobs. When a mob dies to the poison DoT it counts as your kill and will summon more spiders. You'll reach 20 spiders from the 10 you summoned, but the timing will be jagged. So when the first 10 spiders expire, the remaining spiders can create more from poison DoT deaths.

To force mobs to die to poison DoT you can use Speaker's Wreath, but it is not required.

Can I play a different ascendency?
Necromancer gives 50% increased minion duration. You will get annoyed if you have to constantly summon spiders, but it's up to you. I'd recommend Scion(Necro+PathFinder), Occultist(CI/LL), or JUGG(defenses).

Do the rolls on Arakaali's Fang matter?

The dagger grants the skill "Level 1 Raise Spiders". Think of it like Level 1 Summon Raging Spirits. The stats of your weapon don't matter for minions, even if the minion gem is socketed within the weapon. Corruption Mods do not matter either

How do I get 4 off-color sockets in The Devouring Diadem?
Use the Jeweler Orb method to easily get 4 off color. Here's a great video by Pohx explaining how it works.

Why do we want Clarity if all of our mana is reserved?
Necromancer's "Commander of Darkness" gives 3% attack speed per aura. A level 1 clarity is free 3% attack speed for very little reserved mana. No reason not to unless you need the gem sockets. You can also get awesome Watcher's Eye mods with clarity:

Go Full Meme

The Dogomancer https://youtu.be/sE4PX_Gt2FU

It's actually a very nice and smooth mapping experience.


banner image from https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gr4gE
other builds: Throwing Ice https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2546825
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Fang is still a thing, or are we waiting for nerf?
Fang is still a thing, or are we waiting for nerf?

not really a nerf, its using/abusing a bug with phasing giving 100%. letting you basically be invisible to almost all mobs permanately. expect it to be fixed.
uber elder down>?
uber elder down>?

Yes, in showcase video.

Iznuts wrote:

not really a nerf, its using/abusing a bug with phasing giving 100%. letting you basically be invisible to almost all mobs permanently. expect it to be fixed.

For sure. Which just means you'll need to actually dodge in future patches. Even if they cut the damage in half and fix phase run (again), it'd still be "Uber Elder Viable".
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have you considered dread banner? its a noticeable chunk of added damage for the spiders, scales well with their numbers and high aps (mine are over 5aps each with multistrike, almost 6 with vaal haste). It wont show the dps in PoB however.

My Build:

Nothing super amazing about the gear, most is crafted. I went ape spectres for frenzy over victarios and fossil crafted an 80% minion dmg + 14% attack speed offhand for about 30c. I think i'm too heavily focused on minion movement speed(with over %120) atm, i need to drop some and pickup more minion attack speed.

but on the flip side I found that with the higher movement speed and aps using mele splash isn't really needed for clearing and the higher overall dps with out it helps on syndicate content.
the_potatoe wrote:
have you considered dread banner?

Definitely worth considering. The decreased accuracy to nearby enemies is nice as well. I'll swap one in and see how it goes.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Heya, was wondering how much difference the +1000 accuracy make, is it much more dps compared to Fenumus' Weave?
1. How good is the mapping?
2. Do you have any tips on leveling and skill tree progression?
3. What skills do you use prior to Arakaali's Fang?
4. Around how much did this char cost?
any tips for leveling and progression on the tree would be appreciated.

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