[3.5 Betrayal] Saito's PP (Poet's Pen)

Path of Building

Things you need to know

1. Weapon swap playstyle. 4x Peots Pen. 1 for trash 1 for boss.
2. 30% reduced Lightning Warp Duration Helmet Enchantment - important.
3. Warlord's Mark Elder Ring
4. Belt 16-20% Cooldown Recovery Speed MOD - important.
5. Boots 10-15% Cooldown Recovery Speed MOD - important.
6. You don't need a 6-Link

AURA: Wrath and Vitality or Herald of Thunder. I use Vitality with Watchers Eye Mod - 30 Life gain on Hit while Vitality - awesome leech.

Weapon Slot 1:
3-Link = Arc - Lightning Pene - Elemental Proliferation (for Inpulsa Shock spray)
3-Link = Lightning Warp - Less Duration - Swift Affli
Weapon Slot 2:
3-Link = Arc - Lightning Pene - Crit Strike
3-Link = Ball Lightning - Slower Projectile - Lightning Pene

4-Link = Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Blind - GMP
3-Link = Vaal RF - Vaal Grace - Incr. Duration
2-Link = Molten Shell - Arcane Surge (Instant Arcane Surge Buff)

Wrath and Vitality + 7 Free Sockets for Level Gems or whatever you want.

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Hello do you able to do End game thise league ? like Shaper or Uber Elder?
can i use a HH with this build and craft CDR boots instead of having 2 CDR items?
any leveling tips for this?
Leveling with poets pens is probably up there in terms of leveling speed anyway. You can use VD setup pretty early on.
IGN: _Jacky
currently lvl 78, build is fun
Current Gear, Anything i can improve on besides gem lvl/quality?

Currently lv 82
Ight so i tried a Mino just now and my dps on it was kinda meh, died 3 times due to 1 shots and the damage seemed low. heres my Pastebin https://pastebin.com/Jvu6CCzA for my Char. Let me know what i can improve on please
How do you sustain your Frenzy attacks? I'm OOM all the time...

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