[3.8] Yet another Poet's Pen Volatile Dead boss tank - 8-10k/s life leech rate - 1M+ shaper DPS

Life regen with Vaal pact does not work
ForbesyGames wrote:
Life regen with Vaal pact does not work

You need that first jewel slot to the left of scion so that might of the meek can hit the life nodes but just miss the constitution node. I just got rid of the first 2 regen nodes once i connectedmy skill tree through the resistances (downwards of scion) to the constitution life nodes.
Hi Márkusz
Sorry if this is a stupie question
Can this build do all, crazy content. Like Vaal Temple, Guardians, Elder Guardian in T16 facetank? Shaper face tank?
Uber elder fight seems good just one moment you was at 7xx life scary :D
Also how much can we improve the gear from what you use?
Really need a tanky bitch like this or is there a tankier out there
P.S my english is very poor sorry
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I played this build back in incursion and betrayal. With the nerfs you need to gear more specifically and narrowly, and you probably can’t work MF in like you used to. But it’s stil the most brainless build I’ve ever played, esp for Uber elder(work in purity of ice). On the plus side all the gear is a lot cheaper now, minus the kaoms.

If you

- want to be off meta
- don’t have much money
- have garbage reflexes but want to farm bosses

Then based on my experience this is the build for you
Hey, how is the build for legion in map and how is it for the 3-5 five man armies? Thankful if anyone can share some experince regarding this.
Any chance for an updated Skill tree now that 3.7 is out? or a PoB link? Thank you in advance!
Hi maybe is just me but the life leech sucks :(

Super good build but where should i place the might of meeks?
Immortal call don't make us imunne to physical damage anymore, so, i think that arakaali phateon will be not proc, how do deal with that? Make an bigger difference? Sry for bad english
I have the same question about Immortal Call and Arakaali. It doesn't seem like this works anymore? Do we have a way to proc the pantheon anymore?

edit: FWIW I ended up getting 'Grants level # Anger Skill' on the amulet and slotted righteous fire into CWDT setup (CWDT, Righteous Fire, Enfeeble, Immortal Call) and am using an ignite flask to clear it to trigger Arakaali.

Now that I say that out loud maybe I should replace immortal call with another guard skill. We aren't getting endurance charges anywhere are we?

And now I see Markusz actually answered this in the previous page:

blood rage socketed instead of bodyswap, press weapon swap periodically


add RF and a remove ignite flask

or self bleed/poison with a removal flask

or just walk in and out of the degens on the ground during the fight

Edit 2: I am trying weapon swap blood rage and oh my god weapon swap is so bad. you can't just quickly swap for a couple attacks. You have to completely stop attacking.

Righteous Fire has its own issues. I don't always have flask up to kill it etc. Having a hard time making procing Arakaali feel good.
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