[3.5] The Frost Queen Occultist Frostbolt/Vortex|MOM|SSF/LeagueStarter Friendly

Hello Exiles, Im Snow. With the new changes to the Occultist ascendancy, I believe it is a contender with Elementalist even for life based builds such as this one. In this guide I'm going to give in-depth explanation and reasoning for different decisions in this build, along with some suggestions that you could use in your own build.

Firstly, here is your POB link https://pastebin.com/9jDXwkMH

Kill Videos:
Red Tier Elder

More links to come as I do the encounters!


Now why are we running frost bolt with our vortex when no one else is? Because it's FUN! And although frostbolt cannot hit the same target twice, and vortex dots do not stack, the initial damage of vortex DOES. So if your target is standing next to a wall, you get this KB effect which makes this build excel especially in indoor maps/delve.

Lets go over the pro's and con's of the build

Damage is great
Gameplay doesn't get stale, we use 4 skills
Top Tier survivability and defenses (we will go over these soon)
Fast mapper
VERY cheap, no uniques required, however I use a couple in this build
SSF/HC/League start friendly, again no uniques required
Great scaling with the new 'Cold DOT Multi' affix
Vortex is instant cast!

Can feel difficult or clunky to players used to playing '1-skill-wonder' builds
Good portion of damage is on the back-end rather than front-loaded.
No good way to leech forces us onto 'Warlords Mark' on our off-ring
Extremely tight on gem sockets, no room for herald/golem

We utilize many defenses here making us very difficult to kill.
5.5k+ Life Pool
1k+ ES buffer
MOM 1.2k+ Mana Pool
Evasion Based
Block (if using shield)
Fortify (if using whirling/shield charge)
Immortal Call (the usual)

Void Beacon → Frigid Wake → Profane Bloom → Malediction
(if you just must go ES, drop bloom and malediction for the ES ascendancy)

We kill all for the extra points

Stat priority on rares:
Cold DOT Multi
Increased Spell/Ele/Cold Dmg
Increased Dot/Area Dmg
Critical Chance

We just want a rare here with the vortex dmg enchantment (AOE if running loreweave). Ideally you're going to want to craft one with the +30% more ele dmg on socketed gems, in addition to the +1 AOE gems master crafted mod. When you get this, this is where your vaal cold snap will go.
Gem Link: Vaal Cold Snap, Efficacy, Controlled Destruction, Concentrated Effect

Rime Gaze is a very good option here as well, if you can sacrifice the life/resists.

A rare would work very well here, however I'm going to be suggesting two uniques.
Gem Link: Vortex, Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction, Bonechill, Hypothermia, Efficacy

Carcass for better clear, Loreweave for more suvivability.
I run a Carcass Jack and that is what I'll suggest. We are defensive enough.

Standard run of the mill rare boots with life, res, movespeed.
Gem Link: Blasphemy, Enlighten, Frostbite, Enfeeble

No suggested uniques.

Standard set of fingerless silk gloves with life, res, and if needed the +1 AOE affix if it is not on your helmet, you would socket cold snap in here, if not then use the current link.
Gem Link: Frostbolt, Faster Casting, Arcane Surge, GMP (if cast speed is high enough, run Increased Critical Strikes to proc Ele Overload more often.)

No suggested uniques.

Either a rare wand or dagger here, entirely depending on if you need the crit for EO. We're going to be looking for the Cold DOT Multiplier affix on this slot.
Gem Link: Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Golem (If you don't want a golem, can run portal)
Gem Link: Whirling/Shield Charge, Faster Attacks, Fortify (No room for utility, not recommended)

Divinarius is a nice dagger to use in early mapping until you find something better.

Either a rare shield or wand here, entirely depending on if we are needing the defense.
Gem Link: Immortal Call, Cast When Dmg Taken, Increased Duration

No suggested uniques.

A nice rare Stygian Vise with life, res, any increases in dmg. Jewel needs to have life.

No suggested uniques.

Although a nice rare with life, res, spell/cold dmg, and crit would be absolutely fine, I can make a couple of suggestions as far as uniques go.

I use the cold Impresence for the free frostbite.
One other unique we could run is The Pandemonius, untested however, but the blind and cold pen looks good if you can afford to give up the life and resist. Also very pricy.

Mark of the Shaper is our best option because of our need of Warlords Mark. If it's unavailable to you due to cost or SSF, then a nice opal ring with life, res, spell/ele dmg is just fine.

No question here, we must run an elder ring with Warlords Mark due to our lack of recovery. I would suggest on an opal base if you can afford or a diamond ring if you cannot.

Mark of Submission with socketed Warlords Mark will work if you are on a budget and unlucky with alt crafting your own ring.

I like to run 1 Frozen Trail just for added projectile speed it gives, the others are entirely flexible depending on what we are needing however making sure that they have life.

Standard Flask Setup

I like to run the Witchfire Brew here because we will be running a stibnite anyways, and we are immune to chill/freeze due to our ascendancy, so we do not need that on a flask.


I would suggest leveling with Arc or Freezing pulse at least until level 30-40. Mana will be too difficult to manage the combo early on.
On the tree you will want to head towards MOM, then start heading over to pick up Acrobatics, then to Breath of Rime, then finally Whispers of Doom picking up any thing you find necessary along the way.
We will be killing all bandits, we need the skill points.


Final Thoughts:
Have been playing Path for a very long time and I must say, this build has been the most enjoyable to play. As this is my first ever build guide, any comments or suggestions to the guide are greatly appreciated and welcomed. Please be on the look-out for my other builds soon to come! Thanks.

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Will be making an edit soon as I've theory crafted a possible way to get major damage out of this build.
thanks for the build
Have attempted uber elder with this build, and with the current gear, it isnt do-able. Damage isnt there yet.

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