My 3.5 Project. Spectral Shield Throw, Elementalist Shenanigans.

Since I've been back playing the game regularly, I've been trying to focus on making builds that are enjoyable, and play with the tree, finding builds that seem to be a lot of fun, while also able to continue in content and be successful, at least to some extent.

With 3.5, and the knee to the groin that stat sticks took, I figured it would be fun to try and build something that took advantage of the "Old School" Stat Stick, while not getting penalized because of the way stat sticks are generally terrible at the 2 handed stuff.

The idea behind this silly project
Get as much physical damage as I can from Shield, and statting on gear, then gain additional Elemental Damage from Hatred, Added Fire Damage, Stat Stick, and MAYBE Elemental Focus. So far, it's a pretty spectacular leveling gem. I'm not sure if it will stay in the build later on, as I'm not sure how it will hold up at higher levels, but we'll see.


The Current Gear:

Gear of note that I'm currently wearing:

Skullhead: For a while, I let this rot in my stash, but in the past two characters that I've leveled up, I've found that this is probably my single favorite piece of leveling gear. It seems like everyone runs with a Golem anymore, and this gives them a little more survivability while leveling. Love it. Once I get the second Golem from Elementalist, I may even consider going after a decent Head Enchant. We'll see.

Giantsbane: Easy way to get Iron Grip until I get to it on the passive tree, and they provide a healthy amount of DPS. Will not use forever, but they are a must have while leveling so far.

Ewar's Mirage: I wont lie, I may end up running this even well into mapping, at least for trash clearing. Getting the second Bounce of the shield before it explodes is HUGE so far.

Gear of Note that I'm looking forward to putting on:

Need to link it, and Figure out what the final 5 Gems will be that go in it, to get it colored.

Stat Stick:
I don't currently have any "Quality" Stat Sticks, but I'm hoping that I can find a Scepter with Fire / Cold / Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks. That will probably still demand a pretty penny, so it will probably be the last piece of gear that gets strapped on.

I'll probably pick up a Magna Eclipsis to start mapping with, but I'll be looking to get into something High Armour, High Life, with the Increased Global Physical Explicit.

If I don't end up keeping the Skullhead to help the multiple golems stay alive, I'll probably go for

, and get the Shield Throw Damage enchant.

Passive Tree

I'm not sure that this is the final version of the tree, but this is what I have planned so far.

Bandits: Kill em all.

Level 48 Tree

Next 20 points, Second Lab Done

Next 20 Points, Third Lab Done

Level 85, Uber Lab Complete

NOTE: Currently, I've invested a ton of points in Mana Leech. I am aware that this is somewhat inefficient. The biggest lynchpin to the build so far, has been that on Bosses, you can go Mana hungry quickly. So, for right now, The Leech stays, even though it is entirely possible that as the build evolves, I wont need to keep those points invested. Time will tell.


Eventually, I plan to have Abyss Jewels in all of the Jewel Sockets. Preferably as many Jewels as I can that have:

Maximum Life
Physical Damage to Attacks (Generic explicit, not weapon)
Attack Speed

That's what I've got so far. I'll update this as the build rounds itself out. If anyone else has ever tried something like this, I'd love to hear what you did, and how you went about it.
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Level 73.
3 Labs done

Passive Tree


Buffed up, I'm sitting right around 40K DPS. I'm not sure that I'm as happy with Shroud of the Lightless as I thought I would be with the Elemental Pen.

Sitting around 4600 HP

Res Capped.

Sitting in T3-5 Maps, and just working on things to shore up defenses and make sure get moving.

May look at Loreweave, or Belly as alternative Chest Pieces.
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Level: 86
Labs: Still just 3 labs down. Mainly, because I just haven't bothered to try the fourth Lab Yet.
HP: 5600 HP
Res: Obviously Res Capped
Armor: still around 10K
Maps: T7 to T8 Maps, but I feel like I may have hit a wall in mapping. If I want to run "harder" maps, I can't get Alva incursions down, but I've mainly been filling up the meter, and delving to build up currency for a massive Chaos Orb Vendor Spree.
Current Passive Tree I will be editing the tree a little bit in the near future, based on what I'm seeing in PoB.


I'm still not sold on the chest. As I've been going along, Ele Pen is still feeling unimpressive.

I will definitely be changing over some of my Gem Setup.

Remove the Blind Support, Recolor Helm, and Add Arc to the current setup. Purely for the chance to shock.

Contemplating swapping out Herald of Purity for Herald of Ash. PoB shows that it is a personal DPS increase, but I'm not certain how much DPS the minions are actually adding. Though, it's possible that I may try and add Curse on Hit to the Herald of Purity? I think that would work, wouldn't it?

So far, the true MVP of the build / gear, has been the Shield. It's amazing. I keep thinking about investing in a more DPS centric shield, but I just don't know if I want to part with the Defenses of the build.

Buffed up, I'm at close to 60K DPS from myself, + the Golems & Herald guys.

I have come to the realization, that this build is much better as a Scion. If, the new League catches my fancy, I may try it as a Scion and see what it feels like.

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