Major input lag - WinMTR results (youtube video)

I've noticed the past 2 weeks or so that I've had really bad input lag for the first 30 minutes (to hours) of logging into Path of Exile through the steam client. It usually fixes itself and goes back to normal after about 30 - 45 minutes of sitting in my hideout, sometimes it lasts for hours. I can't play during that time cause the input lag is so bad that I'll die in the map if I try. When I press a button or click the mouse, it takes up to a second for it to register that I pressed it. It feels that way at least.

The lag is only with Path of Exile, no issues with any other game that I've noticed. There is another PoE player in my house who experiences none of this input lag.

WinMTR results from running it today till ~500 packets.
I also created a youtube video showcasing the lag I receive. I am clicking on the items the entire time and as you can see, there is some major delay happening. It's like my clicks aren't registering at all.
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Really need some assistance with this as the game is almost unplayable half the time because of the delay.
Still looking for assistance.
Can anyone provide a solution? It's still happening.
The issue is still occurring. Here is a new WinMTR
I am having the exact same issue. It takes 3 to 5 seconds for my input to register with the game?

Windows 10 64
8 GB Ram
1440 res monitor
Corsair mouse and keyboard.

I did notice my ram jumps to 94 %use after a few minutes of starting to play. Not sure if it has anything to do with that.

Please help us. I just started playing 2 weeks ago
The issue is still occurring. Here is a new WinMTR as
of 1/9/18
Still experiencing this problem.
Beginning to think I might have to live with this forever, or stop playing.
Still experiencing this issue.

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