[3.9] Frost King WhirlWind – Powerfull Cyclone with lowest price [Great Starter - Boss Killer]

Hey mate, just wanted to let you know that you could save one skill point if you went right side of bloodless instead of left side.

Thank for the inspiration, will probably try your build!
Hi do you drop herald for the 2 new stance auras in this league?
I can't use POB because of the SSL error,any chance of a poe planner version of your tree or a screen shotr of your tree?
No leveling trees :((((
GOSARN wrote:
No leveling trees :((((

Just get a bit of life first, then head to the elemental/attack nodes so you do damage in early game, and then finish the life nodes - so you can map.
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I see that you have 3 jewels with %increased physical damage with tow handed melee weapons...been looking for that mod on poe trade and it looks like it's not available anymore...any clues why or what should we replace it with?
it's "#% increased damage with two handed weapons"
Updated for 3.9
was the best buff for necklace for this guide? will be nice for a answer

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