[3.5] Frost King WhirlWind – Most Powerfull Cyclone with lowest price [Shaper/Elder Devastator]

Hi There. This is the budget, starter, endgame, delving friendly buid. And non-meta too. Build easy killing Elder, Shaper, t16 bosses. Can do Uber Atziri (if you know how to play with cyclone) and Uber Elder (I think). Yes, Against Syndicate bulsh*t all melee builds = poo.

Video Gameplay
Shaper last stage, High Tier Maps - https://youtu.be/4ES28Il3WDo


For El Overload

For damage boost with instant cry and berserker warcry passives

For cold convert


And Hatred penetration watcher eye
You can also use Kaom's Heart if you want 7.5k hp


Main Gems

Cyclone-Melee phys-Elemental Damage with attacks-Hypothermia-inc aor/conc-cold penetration
Hatred-Herald of Purity


Why cyclone
Comfort farming, elemental overload and onslaught instant gain, can dodging syndicat attacks (sometimes)
You can switch to ice crash - just replace passives from convertion nodes to mace
What can they do
Farming most of the maps (el reflect, no regen is bad). Killing most of the bosses (see up).
That's not cheap!
You need Kongor mace (1c), Hrimsorrow (1alc) and Deidbellow (1c). Everything else is not neccesary. Self craft opal ring with essences and buy another stuff for <1 ex each (amulet, watchers eye, chest)
Total Budget
Around 5ex
Mana struggles
Yes, sometimes. Enchant helping alot. Cyclone - hungry.

Most powerfull
I think yes. 700k PDPS without flasks, frenzy and other stupid stuff against Shaper. Maybe Ngamahu's similair, but calculate this is too hard. Typical Slayer Disfavor/Starforge PDPS - around 300-400k.

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With Video
Updated Q/A
I'm currently lvl 46 with this build and wondering how you run purity/hatred/ash?
Thunderchubs wrote:
I'm currently lvl 46 with this build and wondering how you run purity/hatred/ash?

Using only purity and hatred.
Man nice build, simple and strong, did a lot of testing in standard and probably will be my starter build for 3.6.

Also did a lot of testing with cloacked in savagery or rite of ruin and prefer the second because it has most consistent damage.

After a lot of though i have a full uniques suggestion for starters.. did with this setup t16 maps with no hard mods with ease.. the only need is to constanly spam your enduring cry(easy)


pob: https://pastebin.com/gWtUKPjz

dual curse for life/mana gain on hit and power charge generation and with correct implicits on amulet+gloves can go up to triple curse.

again thanks for the build!
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Awesome suggestion, I am following this build, But I have some lack of mana issue.

Is your build good soloution for mana issue? and how far complete tier? good for t16?

Sorry, I am noob and try to learn soemthing


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