[3.5 HC | Video Guide] Herald of Agony Occultist | Hybrid 10k EHP | good clear | all content

First of all i would like to mention that i want to avoid text of walls in this guide, so let's start.
English isn't my native language.

Video Guide:
[Video Guide] Herald Of Agony Occultist | hybrid 10k EHP | good clear | all content
feel free to ask questions and leave Feedback for improvement

Pob: https://pastebin.com/BQn3S76m

The Guide also includes gameplay footage:
[Video Guide] Herald Of Agony Occultist | hybrid based | good clear | all content

Twitch Shaarq --> if u wanna see some live action.

Current gear:

Gear in general:

Gear Choice for this build is really special, so let me explain and clarify some things before.

As you can see, we play a build where our EHP pool consists of Energy Shield and also Life. So if you sum it up, we roughly have an EHP pool of almost 10k. That’s really high, right. But there is also a downside and that is our well known friend in this game, namely chaos damage.

If you don’t pick the Keynote Chaos Innoculation or Equip Shavronne’s Chest, Chaos damage bypasses your Energy Shield in POE. So if we encounter a mob in wraeclast which mainly does chaos damage, our EHP pool isn’t 10k anymore. You suddenly face him with 3k HP then. And that isn’t that much.

So one of our main aim’s for equipping this character, is to get maximum chaos resistances. And that’s much easier now with newly introduced work bench. There are suffix crafts with chaos res on it, and thats really great!

So look for items with at least one open suffix and then craft Chaos.

If you don’t have max chaos res from scratch, start with a higher life pool. I did that as well. Also take nearby Life nodes on passive tree and respecc them later.
POE is balanced around negative Chaos resistance on your characters.
If you reach Chaos cap, you can neglect life on your gear almost completely, as you can see at my gear.

A must have is reduced Herald of agony mana reservation helmet enchant from eternal lab.

you’ll lose life if you fight chaos mobs, but for this case we have life on hit on our weapon. You should aim for an Elder based Gemini Claw and try to craft it with an Aberrant and Bound Fossil Combination. I got lucky on my first try and hit a really insane roll. It’s pretty much everything you want. High Minion damage roll, Despair on Hit and high Attack speed.

Your Gloves should be also elder based. They are crafted with Essence of Insanity, which provides you More Attack and Cast Speed for socketed gems. You also aim for Poison Support. If you don’t get also Poison support on gloves, use it as a gem instead of Additional Accuracy. That’s the budget version.

Queen’s hunger fits in pretty well in this kind of build, it provides you with an Offering all the time which also effects you. I mean, if you like consistency, that isn’t a chest for you, because offerings it casts are completely random. You could also go for a rare chest and cast your prefered offering manually.

Aegis Aurora isn’t a must have, pretty much for the memes. But they buffed it in 3.5 and to be honest it is now also a great option! Especially when Bone Offering is up it has great Energy Shield sustain. In addition I’m also using a Rumis Flask, which makes us really beefy!

For jewels you take increased energy shield, minion damage and preferably resistances.
So and here is my Flask setup. Except Rumi’s pretty basic stuff.

6 link
Herald of Agony - Vicious Projectiles - Pierce - Damage on full Life - Minion Damage - Minion Speed / Faster Attacks / Empower 4

3 Link
CwdT - IC - Desecrate

Cyclone - Faster Attacks - Additional Accuracy - Maim

4 Link
Shield Charge - FA - Fortify - Posion

2 Link
Temporal Chains - Blasphemy

2 Link
Discipline - Enlighten lvl2 - 4

Flame Dash, Convocation

For leveling i used Frost bomb and Explosive trap. At level 12 i switched to storm brand and blade vortex. I started with Spell damage nodes at which start.
If you don’t wanna waste regrets, you can also start playing with SRS at level 4. It isn’t the strongest choice but at least not too bad. Use a +1 to socketed Fire gems and link it with melee splash and added fire…

At level 31 you can finally level with Agony crawler, so just take Ball Lightning and link it with LMP and Poison. At Level 38 you can switch it with GMP. For bosses and more single target while leveling you can replace GMP for Slower Proj.

Occultist is one of many choices you could choose for Agony builds in general. I wanted to test the hybrid route and for this occultist is the best choice obviously.

Pick Profane bloom in normal Lab, it greatly increases your clear speed and is responsible for kreygasms when the entire screen POPS.
Then i picked Wicked Ward in Cruel
And Vile Bastion in Merciless Lab.
Last but not least is malediction

Pantheons i chose Soul of Arakali and Shakari. Upgraded Shakari makes u immune to Poison thats a big deal!

Bandits: kill ALL
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