[3.6-Leg Gear] Max Speed Tornado Shot | 11 Arrows @800k DPS Each +3 Chain | 1 Shot Screen | 250% MS

[3.6-Legacy Gear] Maximum Clear Speed Tornado Shot | 11 Arrows @800k DPS Each +3 Chain | 1 Shot Screen Clearing | 250% MS | 92/64% Attack/Spell Avoidance

Note: This build is only designed for leveling your Scion. If you want a stronger version of this build, play my Ranger variant: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2185024/

Please do not message me in game unless you're buying something or making an offer.

This guide is not for players completely new to Path of Exile, and it's very expensive to get started (75ex+). Some knowledge and experience is required.

Clear Speed:
Extremely Fast. 1 shot kills the whole screen and off screen unless it's T16 Beyond. Can clear open layout maps with just Mirage Archer (if you have enough attack speed, see below)

Single Target:
Can kill red maps bosses quickly while solo and T16 Guardians if you play safe. But this build is for clear speed.

~4.5-4.9k life at lvl 96. 92% chance to avoid attacks, 64% chance to avoid spells. Instant Leech. Curse Immune. Stun and Chill immune. Endurance Charges from Juggernaut. Consecrated Ground and Elemental Ailment immunity on bosses.
You shouldn't die at all to monsters in even the hardest T16 EUGS beyond maps if you're playing with an aurabot or even solo.

Path of Building Code
Guide to using PoB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLpKZVNTOo8
PoB Code: https://pastebin.com/wLgZ9KzD

Notes From PoB
Gear Options
Helmet/Amulet: Use any helmet with +2 TS OR use Lightpoacher with Gloomfang. For best results, use +2 TS Lightpoacher with Gloomfang.
Quiver: +1 Chain Riqwald's Quill's is best if you can afford it.
Boots: 1 socket Bubonic can be used if you want a little more single target damage at the cost of some life. Put Blink arrow and Frenzy in the boots, then CWDT Frost Bomb in the helmet.

Check out my other build guides

Legacy Reach of the Council, Voidfletcher, Gloomfang
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No changes required in 3.6. But this build needs to be updated to my Gen 4 TS build.

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