[3.13] The Nightblade

ı upgraded my stuff still lookn for weapons but daggers hard to find :/
Yes, daggers can be hard to find. Claws are more available.
Among other things, I'm thinking about an hybrid Dagger/Claw setup with the Quick and Deadly cluster notable.

But don't worry too much, your daggers are pretty good already. They can be bothersome, though, because they have a huge difference between mix and max, like 60 to 350. So your DPS will go roller-coaster probably, even more with the Ryslatha, which further increases the min to max difference.
They would benefit from Dance With Death, but that's a very risky (= rippy) setup.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,
back in Standard today. If you've followed this thread for some time, you know there was one boss I couldn't beat.
Six months of trying, maybe a hundred failures, dozen thousands of sulphite wasted. The fight was featured in my first video for 3.9, last december, when I came up with the Mind over Matter setup.
Then, I've shown some excerpts in my boss medley mid-march, in the first video for 3.10.

To say that it has an insane amount of HP would be a crude understatement. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remove more than 25% of his life. Plus, the encounter has only one mod, which is the deadliest : 100% increased AoE. After two clones phases, half of the arena got covered with a perma degen cold ground.
So my only hope was to kill it before a second phase. The only way to achieve this was to get an insane amount of DPS.

This has become possible with the new cluster jewels. I wanted to wait the end of the league to get them in Std. But I thought : damn, with the current lockdown, 3.11 may be delayed....
As April 26th is my birthday, I decided that on this day, it had to end. So I bought two complete set of clusters in Std, for like 15ex, and made a lot of sacrifices.

First, I removed Wind Dancer, then MoM and then I reset most of the tree, to basically come back to the 3.8 version of the build with Pride. With the clusters, I was able to triple my sustained DPS. But I knew also that with so few life and defs, one hit would light off my candle.
I was back to a full fledge glass cannon build, the "nightbladest" version of the Nightblade assassin ;-)

And then, I was ready to descend into the ninth circle of hell, to finally beat :

#16 : Aul, the Crystal King - depth 560 - 100% inc AoE

I hope you like it :)

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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can u share the jewels pelase?
This is the PoB for this fight :

If you don't see the jewels on the tree, maybe you don't use the Community fork.
You can find them in the Items list.

But here they are :

After the fight I realized that I made a sub-optimal choice : I allocated the Twin Terrors cluster instead of taking Smite the Weak and Fuel the Fight notables on the large clusters.
But the difference is small anyway.

A more balanced setup would include Hex Breaker on a medium cluster, but I didn't need it for the Aul fight.
Also, this setup is definitely too squishy for general mapping. Would be better to have one large cluster, Wind Dancer and more life.


Now that I've beat Aul, there is not much more I can do with the dear Nightblade. I've done several A8 Sirus with him these days, but it's not the same level of challenge. So we'll see what the game brings in the future !
Knowing myself, I'll probably want to do more videos with him, though ;)

New picture for my personal achievements :

If I knew a Photoshop wizard, I'd ask him to improve this board by sticking the pictures of the bosses onto the Menagerie catalog :D
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Since my Aul fight, I haven't played much the Nightblade Assassin. But after playing it and working on this build for almost one year and a half, I felt I needed a pause.
But I will surely work on it again come 3.11 ;)

Meanwhile, I'm trying to come up with new builds.
One would be a Power Siphon Assassin with the Corona Solaris wands. You can see a beta demo here : t15 Kitava kill.

The other is a Pestilent/Viper Strike Occultist, that can make enemies explode with Plague Bearer.
I have greatly improved the character these last days and I've just published the build. You can read it here.

Hope you like it :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Blade Flurry is an AoE skill. Do perks increase Area Damage on Blade Flurry. Cuch as: Vast Power, Assert Dominance, Magnifier
Yes, it does work. I eventually took pure dmg clusters, but all AoE notables work.

I've even tried "Expansive Might", which is a Mace/Staff notable, but I found the notable cool :

Expansive Might
Mace, Sceptre or Staff Attacks deal 20% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments
While stationary, gain 10% increased Area of Effect every second, up to a maximum of 50%
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Hi! Thank you for this guide, I've started played again recently, about two weeks ago, and this was very helpful. I have an old BF assassin build, from 2018, originally a Dual Strike one. Can you look at my char and give me some advice?
Nice build, must be quite tanky. A lot more than me, at least ^^ Congrats for overcapped chaos res :)

Some suggestions, with the reworked PoB link : https://pastebin.com/ZDf0QxcJ

- Remove Mind Drinker, allocate Soul Raker. More mana leech, faster life leech, some more DPS.

- You use Maim on BF and you have lot of unreserved mana : remove Inc Duration on the gloves and put Flesh & Stone : 28% more dmg in Blood Stance.

- Remove the Fortify of you Ice Golem, put Blood & Sand : 16% more dmg.

- Flasks : you should remove Atziri's, put a Diamond flask instead with anti-bleed. That's 30% more DPS. Then, remove the magic Basalt and put Lion's Roar : another 23% more.

- You can remove Strong Arm (3pts) and allocate Master of Force instead.

Additionally :
- You can now allocate a notable on the amulet, thanks to Cassia in your hideout. Best one for you : Claws of the Falcon, 10% more DPS. It's expensive, though.
Cheaper choice : Ambidexterity, 7% more.

- Since you use Arctic Armour, you might want to try the Perfect Form chest.

Good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

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