[3.5]NickFurious' HoWA Moltenstrike CI Jugg, 12 k ES + 8.6 mio Isolated dps, Uber Elder farmer


Since beastiary GGG have been putting more and more chaos damage back into the game. In Betrayal you face loads of chaos damage in incursion temple, syndicate Tora, Mastermind Catarina and Chayula breach (Since you WANT to run those Pure Chayula breachstones). This makes CI very usefull again.

Furthermore the introduction of delve fossils have made it much easier crafting usefull Energy Shield gear.
The reason why I personally like to play Jugg CI is that it makes up for all the weakness’ that an occultist usully face, which is accuracy, low attackspeed, Freeze/temp. chains and endurance charges.

I used this as a leaguestarter, where I changed into CI when I had my helmet, shield, shaper’s touch and Incandescent Heart as 5-link.
Up till this point I played LIFE HoWA using double claw for maximum Life On Hit while stacking all the intelligence I could.
Passive tree
There is a lot of very usefull notes that you should try and reach.
• Chaos Inoculation
• Elemental Overload
• Ghost Reaver (Changes life leech into ES leech).
• Point Blank
• Zealot’s Oath
• (Vaal Pact – I do not personally have this because I use blood rage and I prefer to have the attack speed over the ekstra leech. Do not use Blood Rage if you have Vaal Pact)

In general I try to reach as many jewel sockets I can within limit of 3 passives.

Deaths in Betrayal: 14
Uber Elder Kills: 185, Uber Elder deaths: 4

Update 31-12-18

I just Hit level 100 and 12.001 ES + 1.35 mio dps pr magma ball.
I celebrated by killing Pure Chayula one last time :) I just attached the videofile


Path Of Building : https://pastebin.com/mC1W9S3W

Update 30-12-18
I am lvl 99 now and I nearly have 12.000 ES.

Update 27-12-2018
I am level 98 now and decided on the double watcher's eye that I wanted to buy (18% mana as ES (Clarity) + 60% Lightning damage (wrath)
I am currently sitting on 11k ES and 1.3 mio dps pr magma ball (I have 27 magma balls). I have not added shock effect from vessel of vinktar to this, but if I do the dps will be 1.7 mio dps pr ball
I added the latest PoB to the build later in the guide
11 mio dps is calculated assuming 30% magma balls will hit

I have invested under 30 exalts into the build where 18 exalts was used on the double mod watcher's eye.
The Helmet enchant is not cheap anymore, so getting this will be much more expensive than me sniping it at 5 exalts.

Deathless Uber Elder 19-12-18

Deathless Alluring Abyss 20-12-18

Facetanking Chayula's Pure Breach 22-12-18

5 Rank III lvl 83 Syndicates

Video showcase


I ripped and rerolled. I feel much more tanky this time and I used Le Heupt rings, which also work at the energy shield build.
I respecced into CI before killing Kitava
Kitava Kill 12-01-2019

So i am trying to see if I can push the build into hardcore.
I am playing with molten strike in my main 5link and lightning strike in a 4link

I have just passed Doedra act 8 - lvl 55
PoB: https://pastebin.com/sQYw4qhj
Level 55 Tree


Level 70 - Bought some int/life gear and feel like i am ready for maps. I am going to farm lowtier maps untill I have completed uberlab and gotten the currency I need for the CI transition

PoB: https://pastebin.com/jJt1L9Nq

Level 70 passive tree


Kitava Hardcore kill level 72

Level 85


Level 85 Passive Tree

PoB: https://pastebin.com/ZDMsQDg6

So I ripped today because I was chatting with guildmates, lol.
It is most definently possible to make this build work in hardcore, just the life version has a very small life pool around 4500, which makes it a bit dangerous.

I am not gonna reroll right now sadly.

DPS calculation

leveling guide and uniques

2 x Hand Of Thought and Motion
They are usually cheap unless it is league start. Upgrade both of them using Blessing of Esh when you hit level 70 - Keep one and sell the other or corrupt them both for higher chance of getting +IAS or +Added lightning corruption implicit

Thief's torment
Provides loads of Life gain on Hit and Mana gain On hit
Decent resistances too

First leveling skilltree

Second leveling skilltree

Third Leveling skilltree

Forth Leveling Skilltree

Respeccing Life nodes into Energy Shield, Zealoth's Oath, Reduced Aura reservation (Requires lvl 4 enlighten), Ghost Reaver and Chaos Innoculation

Do not do this untill you have incandescent heart, helmet, shield and shaper's touch


PoB Link

06-01-19 - 100 Skill point tree + Fertile mind

31-12-18: 100 skillpoint tree (My Own)
12.001 ES and 13.5 mio dps pr magma ball

23-12-18: Updated code: 840k dps pr magma ball and 9,9k ES
27-12-18 Updated code and last PoB I will share.
After adding a 2-mod Watcher's eye jewel with clarity i removed Lightning Golem and added clarity.
I added the passives at Influence for another 4% reduced mana reservation due to attacks felt chunky without more mana leaving me with 30% reduced mana reservation.

Passive tree link


27-12-2018 update:


Undeniable -> Unflinching -> Unstoppable or Unbreakable -> Unbreakable or Unstoppable

Bandits: Kill all


This is up to the user themselves. I find Solaris and Arakaali most usefull since Arakaali boosts recovery rate and Solaris is anti crit. If you die to crits, you should use Solaris.
I am considering 3 minors, but I cannot decide which is best:
Gruthkul: More phys reduction + reduced attack speed to attacks
Tukohama: Phys reduction + ES regeneration.
Ralakesh: Cannot be blinded and increased chance to avoid bleeding + less DoT with bleeds


Hand of Wisdom and Action (2G + 1R – Whirling Blades) Best corruption: local Increased Attack speed
Next best corruption: added lightning damage

Incandescent Heart
I personally prefer Incandescent Heart over a 750ES .. Vaal Regalia. If you pick VR you take 20% more elemental damage than you would normally and lose a lot of physical reduction from the extra added armour.

But if you want to flex high ES numbers due to being small somewhere not to be named feel free.

Shaper’s Touch
Preferable corruptions: Curse On Hit, Attack speed or extra frenzy charge
You could setup a 4B and +1 gems corruption. This way you only need a lvl 3 enlighten

This goes so well with HoWA, ES attack builds and Shaper’s Touch
Rare amulet with 1% damage per 15 intelligence, 8+% attributes and crafted 20% ES could also be used, but I personally feel that they do not contribute positively to either damage or energy shield pool

Cyclopean Coil (15% if able)
Provides Shock immunity and burn immunity.
Needs to have strength higher than dexterity
Good corruption: + Str/int % or + Int/dex %
Increased aura effect of discipline
Increased aura effect of wrath
+% to all elemental resistances

Fossilcrafted Hubris Circlet (
Go for 300 ES or higher,Intelligence and resistance you could go for an atziri helmet if you want to save currency on lvl 4 enlighten and crafting a hubris circlet

Fossilcrafted Titanium Spirit Shield
Go for 300 ES or higher, intelligence and resistance

Rare Rings: Use these to cap resistances
get extra energy shield, intelligence, strength and Weapon
Elemental Damage

Death’s Door are good if you need bleed immunity
Sin Trek (Cheap)

Fossilcrafted rare Sorcerer boots
Go for High energy shield, high resistance,
Consider using the +movement speed +% chance for onslaught crafted prefix if you cannot get a abyss jewel with +% chance for onslaught on kill

I tried experimenting with a abyss gym with 7% onslaught and it is enough for me to keep onslaught in maps. So I have instead used the enchant to get more energy shield. You can abuse either Leo for a free exalt slam in Research rank 3 or get lucky with Rank 3 Aisling in Research that should have a chance to grant double veiled, which should be able to be re-craft into wanted prefix's/suffix's

Skill gem link

• Molten strike(21/0) You do not need quality on this
(4R + 2B or 3R + 2B + 1G)

Elemental Damage with Attack Support(21/20) 1st priority
Concentrated Effect Support(21/20) 1st priority
Ancestral Call Support(21/20) 2nd priority
Elemental Focus Support(21/20) 3rd priority
Damage On Full Life Support(21/20) 3rd priority

Gem Options
Point Blank Support(21/20)
1st prioity if you do not run pointblank on passive tree

Multistrike (21/20)
Since number of projectiles were nerfed in 3.5 (Subtracting 3 x 3 balls) Life gain on hit or ES on hit cannot be abused so much.

I therefore find it stronger to have more damage and leech than ES On Hit

• CwDT(1/0)
Immortal Call(3/0)
Increased Duration(21/20)
Vaal Haste(21/0)

• Enlighten Support(4/0)
Purity Of Elements(21/0) (This basicly gives you 90 Intelligence because you save suffixes on other gear)

• Utility (I use)
Ancestral Protector(20/0)
Lightning Golem(21/20)
Blood Rage(21/20)

• Curse Caster (Ball Lightning) – CwDT(1/0) – Dying Sun makes 3 projectiles, which is nice.
Ball Lightning(1/0)
Curse On Hit(21/20)
(Offensive - Projectile Weakness / Conductivity) / (Defensive - Enfeeble / Temporal Chains) (21/20)

• Movement (Whirling blades(1/23) or shield charge(1/0))
Faster Attacks(21/20)


• Vessel Of Vinktar (preferable lightning penetration or Added
lightning damage to attacks)
• Atziri’s Promise

• Wise Oak (14% or 15%)

• Dying Sun
Magic Flasks
Go for Increased Duration or less charges used (boss fights) + Immunity to Curses (If you have corruption blood immunity on gem and Cyclopean Coil).

• Silver Flask (Uses many charges – If you have onslaught on boots pass this)

• Sulphur Flask (40% increased damage, uses small number of charges and gives ES regeneration)

I think Sulphur Flask is much more powerful than Silver Flask due to many more uses in bossfights.


In general, abyss jewels can provide a higher amount of energy shield and solid damage.
Normal jewels can provide crazy dps numbers

Abyss jewels
Go for the following: +Energy Shield (35-50), Added lightning damage to attacks (50), attack speed, strength or intelligence, resistances or other usefull damage mods
Use either searching eye jewel(higher chance for elemental damage to attacks) or murderous eye jewel (can have lightning damage to claw attacks)

Regular Jewels
Search the following mods and set hits to be either 3 or 4 on pathofexile.com/trade and buy the cheapest.
Increased Energy Shield %, Increased Lightning Damage, Attack Speed with claws, Attack speed with one handed melee weapons, Attack speed while using shield, Attack Speed, Attack and Cast Speed, Increased Projectile Damage, Increased Area Damage, Increased Damage.
If you want more Energy Shield, need strength or resistances you can force these rolls by adding them in a search function.

Fertile mind position
Fertile minds adds 74 Intelligence and subtracts 40 dexterity in this position
74 intelligence provdes
- 7-75 lightning damage
- 15% energy shield
- 125 accuracu rating -> 0.6% Attack speed (Ascendency)
Losing 40 Dexterity
- Loses 1.6% Attack speed (HoWA)
- Loses 8% damage (Cyclopean Coil)

Thus you lose 1% attack speed, 8% and whatever a jewel could provide you by placing Fertile Mind in this position.

But it is much easier to get your strenght over dexterity

Wildfire position

Watcher’s eye

Useful mods is
18% mana as Energy Shield (Clarity) Best
15% Lightning penetration (Wrath) 2nd best
60% increased lightning damage (Wrath)
2nd best

30 Energy Shield On Hit (Discipline) - This is okay, but we do not have as many molten strike balls as in 3.4. The regular leech that you

There are also other usefull combinations, but I will not mention them here.

I have tested the ES On hit and it felt ok, but I felt like I needed damage on my watcher's eye aswell. I also tested ES recovery rate and it had no impact due to it is not a regen build and we are therefore capped by ES leech.
Adding either increased lightning damage or Lightning penetration gave me the same in shaper fights with my flasks up.
Thus I ended up choosing 60% increased lightning damage because they are cheaper and I get better clear speed with it.
Furthermore I wanted 18% mana as Energy Shield

I sniped this Jewel for 18 exalts
and I am very happy.

Wildfire (you need one of these)
• Usefull corruption is immune to corrupted blood
This saves me bleed immunity flask and I go for rare boots
because of this. I personally ignore regular bleed because
they do not hurt me, but corrupted blood can be an instant RIP.

How do we leech mana?
Alot of people have been writing about mana issues, so I felt I had to emphathize the mana leech note at Essence Zap

Enchants(Helmet and boots)


• +2 Molten strike on helmet (This is by FAR the best enchant you can get)

• 40% increased molten strike damage or Blood Rage grants 12% Increased Attack Speed

• Some curses booster or aura reservation reducer.


Go for 10% magic penetration if you have not killed recently(4 seconds)
or 16% Attack and Cast speed on kill

Crafting advice

Fossilcrafting and usefull fossils

Perfect Fossils: Quality 15-30 item. use these before trying to roll for high ES.

Dense Fossils: More ES, Evasion or Armour. Cannot roll life
This is much important, because if we use on pure intelligence items we lock out an unwanted prefix (life).
Furthmore you can roll +50% energy shield as a suffix

Sanctified Fossils: Weighs prefixs/suffixs that are rolled to have a much higher chance of higher Tier (T1/T2)

Prismatic Fossils: More elemental modifiers and no poison/bleed modifiers
I dislike using this jewel on Either Helm / Shield or Boots.
They can add a suffix roll that reduced ailments. We are already immune to all ailments leaving this roll abundant.
So I do not use prismatic fossils in my crafts since I want chance to roll Intellience and/or +50% ES

Helmet(iLvl 85 - Pref. Hubris Circlet) + Shield(iLvl 86 - Pref Titanium Spirit Shield) + Boots (iLvl 86 - Pref. Sorcerers boots)

Dense + Sanctified (Due to Dense being expensive now and Sanctified cheap)
I crafted using dense fossils in start of league, due to them costing 1 c each.
Later in this league they increased to 8 chaos each. This makes spamming dense fossils very expensive.
I noticed that Sanctified fossils only cost 12 C each, so instead of spamming Dense fossils, I used a combination of these to make less attempts for high rolls.

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nice copypasta ... lol

I did not know that a build guide already existed. I theory crafted this myself in delve league due to getting a watchers eye with Es on hit and alot of dense jewels. Then I decided to try as a league starter this league :) I will post pob later and my items.

Edit: Just looked over the guides passive tree :) It is not the same in my opinion.

The basics of the build is the same, but I think that it cannot be done in otherways if u want to make the max HoWA and CI.
Last edited by Hasunic on Dec 19, 2018, 6:36:15 AM
I added gear to the guide and made it better to look at, after being inspired to use spoilers. Video of uber elder kill will come tonight after I have tugged the little one to sleep
The more different guide i have on a build, the better. Gj.
Thank you :) nice to be appreciated
Thank you :) nice to be appreciated
Thanks! Simple explain simple and for very nice build =)

PS. Mention: if give target for huge boost attack speed from over-rating accuracy + gems (multistrike, etc.) - viable?

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