[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos

Alright! I was sold on this build and immediately started leveling it after shortly speaking with Orion72 in game. I've managed to make it to A6 BHC with relative ease and no complications. I expect the rest of the story to fly by as well.

I plan to get to mapping tomorrow, so I'm excited to see how that goes.

With the number of uniques used along with Thief's torment, I can see balancing and capping resistance to be a minor hurdle to overcome. It'll definitely require utilizing jewels to meet those resistance caps but shouldn't be a huge problem.

Overall, I am very pleased with this build and its play style: mobile and tanky with solid damage. I'm enjoying it. In addition, Orion72 has been helpful in answering my questions and helping me out, so shout out to him! Thank you.

All in all, I highly recommend checking the build out if you're on the fence. Before this build, I had an 86 WO Elementalist and prior to that an 84 arc totem Hiero. I didn't really care for either of the play styles and wasn't upset when they rip'd. It's been a breath of fresh air not having to tip toe around with this build like I have the others.
Amazing build. Manage to clear 1st lab on lvl 24.
Today we learned that Kurgal's second phase dual purple beams can do more than 9k damage through 7 endurance charges when the delve has increased crit mods. RIP at 96. For science I suppose. This death was entirely avoidable user error and no fault of the build.

On the plus side, I made you this post-death video of the build deathlessly running over Shaper in Standard. Also, I am running further experiments with another variation. Hope those of you trying it out are having a good time. My thanks to the ones who have caught me in game with positive feedback. It always brightens my day. :>

Deathless Shaper Run: https://youtu.be/LdLJQDSZRzQ

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The new variation I am experimenting with is going very well. Leveled to 90 and took vengeance on the Kurgal that killed my lvl 96 char. He left this prize:

For anyone following this thread, I'm testing out (in HC) the idea I had recommended as an sc build using coming calamity and hatred. Only a 5L calamity, lvl 20 HOA, lvl 3 empower and the dps is already similar or better than what I had maxxed out on the other build. Of course the trade off is less life. Currently sitting at 7121 at lvl 90. So I have developed a work around I am very happy with that seems solid for the deep delves so far.

I am using knockback. 3 of my jewels have life and 5-6% knockback and I have taken the knockback cluster on the tree. The payoff is well worth imo. total knockback for me is 35%, which means approx 18 knockbacks a second. The result is visually satisfying, kinda hilarious, and defensively appears solid. Pathing is a little different because of this. Below is the pastebin with the tree I am currently using.


Anyway, on I go, 600 or bust! :>

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I've died probably 10~ or more times so far on level 70+ characters due to stupid bugs and mistakes. This has to be the build for me! I'm used to fast style or smooth mapping builds so it will be quite the change, but at this point I'll sacrifice anything for tankiness and no more deaths. Just want to try out new content lol..

With that said, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEE split up the skilltree into different levels? Like level 24, 40, 55, 65, etc? I'm not the best at understanding the game even though I've been playing for so long. I'm not good at knowing what path to take, what to take first, etc.. so I just need that extra bit of help.

Can't wait to see how this build plays out for a noob player like me!
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And dead again, at Delve 445. Bizarrely, the sc version was not ultimately tanky enough for hc . . . go figure. Was a good experiment though, and I spect I will get back on the horse soon.

Re: Build tree. No, I'm not going to do that right now, but follow the advice about what to prioritize and when that I put in the guide and you should be fine.

I'm on break, good luck!

I currently have a HS Jugg from https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2059743 that I am looking into converting over to this on Xbox. I was curious on your thoughts about using Brass Dome (since I have it 5L) in place of Koams and a different belt. I know I will lose out on CoH with Cull, but I get that juicy armor. I'm sure it will require a bit of tree re-working on my part.

Something like: http://poeurl.com/cdQS. I took some extra resistance nodes on the tree with the points I saved from yours just to make it easier on finding gear on console.

One of the main reasons I prefer armor over dodge is our server stability and rubber-banding. It is no where near as accurate as PC, we don't get things like lockstep.

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Re Brass Dome/posted tree.

So, before I respond, I want to be clear that if the experiment appeals to you you should do it. The community learns by trying things out and seeing how they work. I do not value the Brass dome for its armour (and I'll explain why below) but it may be that the Brass dome's protection from crits is worth dropping the life pool by 2k. This would allow us to get extra dodge from Lunaris instead of keeping Solaris so that we can only be crit once every 4 seconds. That is something that would require experimentation. Try it out and let us know. However the TLDR is that I would not drop gluttony (Even though I know it sacrifices a ridiculous amount of armour) and I would make sure to get the dodge nodes. Math explained below:

1. Tree: You skipped the dodge nodes.

Here is a math explanation of why they are so strong. Let's say you have 9k life and lets leave aside the possibility of one shots which, though they can happen, are actually very rare. Let's also leave aside your life gain for the moment and just assume that you die when you suffer that total damage Without dodge, you die when the mobs hit you for 9k.

Attack dodge Math: If you have 40% dodge, then when the mobs have normally done 9k damage, you have on average sustained only 60% of that, or 5.4k. in order to kill you, on average they now must do 15k damage (15k, reduced by 40%=9k). It gets more ridiculous when you add in vaal grace. While that is up and running, you have 74% dodge. For the mobs to do 9k damage while vaal grace is up, they now have to do on average a little over 34.5k. This is true whether they are doing physical, elemental, or chaos damage as long as it is attack based.

Spell dodge math: If they are using spells, they have it a little easier, since you start with only 30% spell dodge. Still, they have to do, on average. 12.8k damage without vaal grace and 25k with vaal grace.

There are no other nodes on the tree that provide this kind of extra magical survivability (unless you are playing a block/spell block champion). And while they are trying to do that much damage, you get to heal at a rate of 8k/sec as long as you are attacking.

2. Brass Dome/dropping gluttony:

I know it looks sexy, but the extra armour is overprotecting something we are not worried about in this build at the expense of tankiness (via extra life gain) against the things we are less defended against--non physical damage.

When I was delving below 400, Abyss runs were my favorite, even with extra damage mods including crit. The reason is that physical damage does not feel dangerous to this build. Unless we are one shot, we either have 7 (or close to 7) endurance charges running plus our damage reduction from ascendancies + arctic armour (since we are usually stationary when we are hit) for total absolute physical damage reduction of 53-61% (depending on how long we've been there for the tukohama pantheon) Even at only 53, I know of no mob in the game that can do 19,000 phys in a single shot. (what it would take to kill us with a 9k life pool. Now there are plenty, in groups that could do that much damage very quickly with a number of attacks BUT as soon as we are hit for a little over 500 life, our CWDT procs immortal call. This makes us 100% immune to phys for approximately 3 seconds. The way the jugg ascndancy works, we gain an endurance charge every second once hit, with a 25% chance to just go to max endurance charges. at the end of 3 seconds we have a minimum of 3 charges and will typically have all 7. Even if we only get 3, we now have a second proc of IC when we are next hit by the first phys attack that will last between 1-2 seconds. that is nearly 5 seconds you have to blink arrow away, make sure you ave 7 charges up and re-engage. We are already virtually immune to physical damage even with 0 actual armour.

But elemental damage is another story. Against that, our only protection is our capped resists, our life pool, and our life gain on hit. Dropping Kaoms will take your life total down by nearly 2k. This may be made up for by your immunity to crits--that is something that would require testing. But dropping Gluttony has several negative effects:

a. 34 life gain/hit from lvl 30 poacher's mark * 54 hits/sec (avg at finished build=1.8k LGOH/sec less without gluttony against a single target. More of a drop when fighting a group due to pierce.

b. Gluttony allows us to begin big boss fights with seven end charges, since we can proc the end charge gain ascendancy anytime we hit a movement skill. It also means we can easily maintain seven charges while delving/mapping etc.

c. You will miss cull. It is essentially a 10% more damage multiplier that has the added benefit of cutting short the most dangerous parts of every boss fight.

Anyway, I hope this post does not discourage you from experimenting. I just want to make sure you have the info to make your experiments as productive as possible.


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Orion72 wrote:

Anyway, I hope this post does not discourage you from experimenting. I just want to make sure you have the info to make your experiments as productive as possible.


Not at all. It was exactly the kind of feed back I was looking for. Will hopefully get a chance to change over to this later.

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Thought I'd make a follow up post to my previous one.

I am now level 86 and in maps and end game content. Uber lab was a joke: I was running through traps and face tanking the boss. In addition, I've had the privilege to be invited by another player to try out T10-12 maps, higher lvl incursions and deeper 150+ delves (my darkness res lacking for this depth). All of it was a breeze. This is the furthest I have been able to push this league. [I haven't played this game for ~2 years now so a lot of the content is new to me - I am happy that I am finally able to experience the end game of POE]. My previous builds have been WO and Arc traps/totems/mines. This build isn't near the clear speed as a few of the other builds I mentioned, but I would take the tankiness, mechanics, and play style of this build any day.

I am in the process of acquiring a couple more knockback jewels, so I can play around with the new variant Orion72 has experimented with. I plan to pick up the knockback cluster as well. Unfortunately, I am away for the holidays, so I won't be able to play for a week. At most, I hope to at least get POE working on my laptop to make a few trades for the jewels - no playing will be done though.

In general, I really enjoy the build. The survivability is more than there.

I will make another post once I have played around with the knockback variation/mechanic. I am no where near having the currency to test this, but I think it'd be neat to try Aspect of the Spider by way of enchant on boots. I think the slow in combination with the knockback would make for a great combo. Furthermore, the monsters would be taking 15% increased damage from the Crawler too. It's just a thought.

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