MS 7L legacy helm & gear, 30% HH, 7L RF helm, tons of double watchers, 40%+50% dmg perfect Kaoms

IMPORTANT: If an item isn't available anymore it doesn't mean it's sold, might've just moved it around or using it on some character.

Also please don't take into account the prices listed on items, for some reason they don't update; they're old prices.

MS build gear:

Perfect DMG Kaoms:

Insane double-corrupt attack speed & resistances xoph:

Insane fire & ele dmg alternative belt:

Alternative corrupted dmg & life kaoms:

RF 7L helm:


Double angers (leech + fire pen & fire pen and dmg as extra):

EDIT: added 2 NEW double-anger watchers( leech + fire dmg and leech + phys as extra fire)

Double wraths ( lightning dmg + crit & crit + phys conversion )


Dope T1 IIQ, T1 gain & T2 pen Amulet:

Legacy 6L windripper and a couple of legacy chin sols:

TS Helm with - resists and +2 TS:

Few corrupted Rigwalds:

Some legacy statsticks:

Badass ele hit bow:

If you're interested in an item, please send me an offer in private (if I'm offline) or ingame @ManlyManBro

Thank you!
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Kaom's sold
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accuracy Rigwalds sold
HeadHunter sold
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