3.5 "Golden Shower" - Low Life Ascendant CoC Bladefall

Welcome to my first ever build guide! This build was made for a Juggernaut/Assassin Ascendant but could also work with other combos or a Shadow. I'm currently working my way through red maps with 8.6k ES and somewhere around 130-430k dps (depends on enemy size). This build can be done on a budget and I did use it as my league starter, but it felt very squishy until I had around 5-6k ES.

Some numbers:

With Taste of Hate active, I have an additional 17% physical damage reduction which is not shown in the character stats. Pantheon damage phys damage reduction is also not shown but those numbers vary. With this combo and Vaal Discipline I've had no problems with syndicate members up to tier 12 maps.

Skill Tree:



Skill gems:

Cyclone/Blade Flurry - Cast on Crit - Bladefall - Increased Critical Strikes- Increased Critical Strike Damage

I swap Increased Crit Damage for Concentrated effect on hard bosses. When I get a 6 link I'll probably use added fire.

Blood Magic - Hatred - Enlighten

Vaal Discipline, Herald of Ash, Purity of Ice. Links don't matter for these

Ice Golem for crit chance and accuracy

I'm currently using Vaal Lightning trap for more damage on bosses but might try swapping that for Vaal Blade Vortex

Replace Purity of Ice with Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark until you get the elder ring

Pantheon and Bandits:

Currently using Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Gruthkul

Use Soul of Solaris for Elder/Shaper/Atziri

Bandits: Kill All

Why Ascendant?

By choosing Ascendant we are able to get stun immunity, +1000 accuracy, and endurance charges for bosses from Juggernaut while also picking up the free power charges and crit chance from Assassin.

Without the stun immunity, we would need an Eye or Presence of Chayula because low life builds just get perma stunned. The former just kinda sucks, and the latter provides a nice boost to ES but at the cost of damage and exalts.

The flat accuracy gives us more options for our offhand weapon. Most CoC builds use Lycosidae which is great for life builds but doesn't give us much besides guaranteed hits. Currently I'm using a shield with high ES and some resist, but later on I might dual wield shaped ambushers with crafted "hits can't be evaded".

If you play this build as a Shadow, you might be able to get more damage but you would also need Presence of Chayula and some source of "hits can't be evaded" so the build would be much more expensive.

Current Gear:

Helmet - 2ex
Amulet - 15c (+1 ex because I exalted 2% evasion T_T, worth much more)
Body Armor - 2ex
Curse on hit ring - 30c + ~400 alterations
Resist Ring - 30c
Belt - 1.5ex
Gloves - 20c
Boots - 30c
Weapon - 15c (probably worth more)
Taste of Hate - 2ex (for perfect roll)

Plans for the future:

I'm planning to craft or buy a shaped ambusher with attack speed, crit chance, hits can't be evaded, and some combination of gain % physical as elemental damage and spell damage.

When I get this god tier dagger I'll probably swap Juggernaut for Occultist because it gives cannot be stunned, 1.5% energy shield regen per second, and also additional curse.

Note on estimated dps:

Because bladefall can hit multiple times with varying amounts of damage it is hard to calculate the actual dps. The lower estimate comes from (tooltip)*(attacks per second) which would occur when only 1 section of the skill hits the target, and the high estimate comes from hitting 3 sections. Also this number doesn't account for accuracy which could cause up to 9% less damage with current gear.

T11 Arachnid Tomb Triple Member Fortification + Boss

I will post more videos once I get to Guardians and Shaper but until then you can watch the build in action at www.twitch.tv/Septimeaus (Although I can't stream much this week because of finals)
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Okay this is epic.
Is this build docks viable?
Too. Much. Clutter.
Is this build docks viable?

Sadly no. The docks are the hardest of all endgame content and unless you have mirror worthy gear it is unlikely that you will be able to safely farm them.
12/12 Update

Updated skill tree to level 90. Swapped some ES nodes for the Witch starting nodes, this increased ES from 8.2k to 8.6k.
Added non-pob skill tree.
Updated gear, only new change is boots enchant.
Updated pictures showing stats.

I bought an ilvl 84 shaped ambusher that I'm working on crafting. Hopefully I'll get something useful in the next couple days. After that I'm going to try to get a 6 link shavs.
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can you tell me what did you do for leveling?

can you tell me what did you do for leveling?

I leveled using blade vortex until I could use cast on crit at level 38. I think I had about 30% crit at that point and with a diamond flask it was decent. The passives were mostly the same but skip the pure ES nodes until you go low life, instead only take the hybrid life/es nodes and I also took the scion life nodes.
Hey hows Ur Boss dps? Any Updates?

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