Avaloneer's League Start Cast on Crit Arc Build 3.5 Expansion Betrayal (IGN:Quinsanity)


Upon request I've decided to make a "short" build guide for my league start character in the 3.5 Expansion Betrayal.

Path of Building although I recommend reading the next part
First edition of tree https://pastebin.com/CzFUSLzQ
Phase Acro tree (recommended after testing, especially for higher level content.) https://pastebin.com/C12dxn4t
Base level 81 tree (basically remove jewels) https://pastebin.com/pXisQThF

How the build works
The build utilizes the unique gavel, Mjölner and the gem Cast on Critical Strike Support to auto-cast as many Arcs as possible every second to deal impressive damage. Mjölner triggers socketed Lightning Spells with an internal cooldown of 0.15 seconds. Same goes with Cast on Critical Strike Support but instead of on hit it triggers on a critical strike. To make sure I get as many hits and crits as possible every second to maximize their potential I first needed to get enough accuracy to realiably hit targets. For that purpose I use the Lycosidae shield which makes your hits unavoidable=100% hit chance. Second order of business is to make every hit critically strike for the Cast on Critical Strike Support gem. For that reason I'm an Assassin. Assassin gets impressive crit chance throughout it's ascendancy tree. The two most important nodes are +2% to crit chance while on full power charges, which is always. Secondly the Ambush and Assassinate node gives us 100% more crit chance against full health targets and low health targets. This makes us crit capped at most stages, ie 100% crit chance. To finish of I stack as much attack speed to get as many triggers as possible a second and crit multiplier to get damage.

Important Secondary Mechanics
A few important items and mechanics I take use of. Probably most important is the leech from a warlord's mark ring, these might be expensive now but will go down in price as more ilvl 75-80 elder rings enter the market. Call of the Brotherhood ring. This converts 40% of our Lightning damage to Cold damage which in turn lets us freeze every mob on the screen always. Very important for defensive purposes. Curse immune flask, this has become quite mandatory now a days and for good reason (to ignore curses on maps), having it on a stibnite flask is nice for many uses. Finally the Loreweave + Triple balanced Wise Oak is filthy good for both damage and defensive reasons. Last of all Pantheon powers. I use Soul of Arakaali with captured Queen of the Great Tangle to get some more life recovery when our Blood Rage stops after a Immortal Call is procced. Also soul of Shakari to get poison immune with captured Terror of Infinite Depths, very useful.

Map Mods
The only map mods that are hard/annoying are Hexproof and No regen. If both of them are on the map it's quite undoable.

Items I use

Some things to take note of
This build is not perfect by any stretch, it's something I've thrown together in the 3-4 first days of Betrayal League. However it's quite capable of most if not all content in the game. To this point I've done most content in the game, Shaper deathless, Shaper Guardians, Red Elder, All 15 Memory Fragments, 140/159 Atlas Completion, A Delve boss, 83 Atzoatl Temple deathless. If you've got any questions at all I'll answer them here or in game, just whisper:Quinsanity and I will most likely answer if I'm not doing something else.

Final note
I swap out the Increased area of effect gem in my boots for a wrath aura for hard bosses whilst I run haste for regular content.

I typed this out quite quickly so there ought to be a lot of typos and miss-capitalization. I'm not a native English speaker.

P.S 2
I leveled and started early mapping as Arc Mines until I could afford Mjölner+Lycosidae and either a 5- or 6-link chest.

Video of boss kill

Small update.
I tried Uber Elder yesterday. Managed the t16 Elder Guardians Deathless with a respec to get Acro/Phase Acro but failed the Uber Elder twice. I'm not very experienced with the Uber Elder fight but it feels very tough with a cyclone based build. Furthermore on to better news. I killed a lvl 83 Catarina with this build. Died twice since I'm still learning the mechanics but it felt nice. For Catarina fight I swapped out my Call of the Brotherhood for a chaos res ring but still made sure lightning resistance was my highest uncapped resistance. Also used Atziri's Promise.
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I am thinking of trying this, I played BV as my starter and im over it after making a decent amount of cash.

What is this build capable of? how long did guardians take you to kill (any vid)?

DO you have a guide for leveling with this, since you cant start with it of course; thanks!
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I'd say this build is mostly for map farming as I don't see it clearing either Uber Elder or Uber Atziri. If you are looking for a boss killer I'd look elsewhere, it's just capable in that field it does not excel. I could record a video and post it later tonight or so.

As I mentioned toward the end I leveled with Arc Mines but if you don't want to do that just any crit spell (bv, arc etc.) would work until you can equip Mjölner.
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So there's no chance to clear end game bosses?
I wanted to do this build, bought mjolner and now you say its mostly for map farming :(
You could probably kill Uber Elder with practice but def not Uber Atziri because of how Arc works. Nothing but those two bosses should be a problem with this build so you can still do everything else, like I've done.
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Okay, let's hope thats gonna work, haha
Btw. I can lvling with this tree or need to do tree for lvling and respect after?
You can level with this tree, just skip picking power charge, jewels and flask nodes early on. Focus on life and crit.
I’m thinking of trying this. Could you post a gameplay video please?
Found your build on here today looking for ideas how to improve my own Assassin, Believe it or not I got the idea to play it from the guy who whispers you in the clip via poe.ninja.

What I dont get though is improved critical damage, its a mere 22% damage increase in PoB on bosses compared to added lightning which is +35%, I understand the core of Cyclone, Crit, CoC. What is the reason you are using Inc Crit Damage gem?
Honestly, I had not checked. Increased Crit multi was more damage at an earlier point, when I had less multi on the tree I guess, and I had not checked since, thanks.

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