Constant disconnect issues - an unexpected disconnection occurred

Crashing here to randomly Never had these problems until today
same problem.
Same problem here
I get kicked to login screen every 15/20 mins aswell after todays patch. I never had problems like these before. Yesterday I played for 8 hours without crashing, today its unplayable.
Same here every 10 - 20 minutes. Posted about it here on the forums but got 0 response.
Same problem, still no solution. What else is new.
This is almost driving me to drink. I can't play more than a few minutes before the massive ever present disconnection happens.

GGG I've about given up on your game. I don't think that matters to you at all. Can't you please fix your game? Pretty please guys!
Same here.. unexpected disconnects and crashes every 20 min........
Just another one with same problem but i have a decent laptopand played game in legion on ultra/high and it was running smoothly, now i run everything on low and still get dcs.
BTW lowering everything helped a little i dc 1/3 less.
the following method works for me: i start game with PathOfExileSteam.exe (not x64) and --nosync parameter. Very slow loadings, but no unexpected disconnects :)

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