Constant disconnect issues - an unexpected disconnection occurred

Since Betrayal launched, I've been having completely unbearable issues with my PC and the "unexpected disconnection occurred" error. Literally every single time that I try to transfer zones this happens. Occasionally I can get the game to bear with me long enough to transfer *once* by switching gateways and then switching back, but that only lasts once. I've tried rebooting my PC and router, switching gateways as mentioned earlier, running as an admin (which I don't normally). I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I could if that seems a reasonable course of action. Let me know what resources would help solve the issue.

This also happened even before Betrayal, but in much more reasonable amounts, maybe once every 100 maps or so on my character on standard, so I wrote it off as ISP issues or something.
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Same problem here...
Same problem here...
Just a quick fix that worked for me, go to Options then UI, and set Networking mode to "Predictive". Had the same issue when the last league dropped, and this fixed it right up. Worth a shot anyways.
same issue cant even get to the game it just disconnects after the log in screen
I play on predictive almost 100% of the time (except when network is being weird) because I have really good internet, and predictive feels much smoother to me. I can't even log in anymore, totally killing my motivation to play the league. Occasionally I'll give it an attempt and I'll be fine for an hour or two, but it always returns. Would love a useful answer for this one.
Same problem here, Telecom Italia ISP, no solution for now...i already contacted GGG to email support...
I am also experiencing the same issues since betrayal launch. Played incursion and delve without any problems. The game will run fine until 2 or 3 zones then it will throw me back to the login screen showing the error message.

Edit: Playing on Singapore realm if that helps
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This is an issue for many of us that needs some sort of response.
I usually get this problem when using skills against fortifications of bandit, game on SSD disk, there were no such problems in the previous league

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