[3.6] The Blizz Sorc - Icestorm/Winter Orb CI Occultist - Viable For Everything

3L: Frost Bomb - Arcane Surge - Flame Dash. Level Arcane Surge to trigger on Frost Bomb (not higher than its mana cost).

Couldn't we get more damage with Icestorm and Winter Orb by socketing Bonechill here as well?
Zerotanker wrote:
Hi Kel,

Are you using this as your starter or are you waiting for the gear to be cheaper later?

I think i may do this as my starter but if you feel its too expensive to start off i'll use it as the build after my starter build,


I've been starting the last 3 leagues with it. It's not expensive at all after the first few hours. Astramentis is the hardest thing to get early on, but I typically have 20-30c to buy it on the second day of the league. A random 50 Int amulet or Carnage Heart is fine for leveling.
Thanks Kelvynn you rock!

Is there a POB thing I'm missing here, or non added yet?

cant wait, looks so fun, 7506 people in queue ahead of me but I'm coming for them. Haven't played WI in almost a year so Im pumped to do it as cold, and the new defenses of Occultist sounds amazing.

Thanks again for stringing this together so damned quickly. you rule Kelvynn!
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I was actually thinking about linking bonechill with Arctic Armor. On one hand the extra reservation would be kind of annoying, on the other hand anyone who hits you gets a massive 30% chill and giant debuff. Should also work with the ground ice.

With our tree anything that hits you should be 30% chilled for .75 seconds, and take 30% more damage. Anything in our Arctic armor ground ice takes 16% more damage. Could be worth the reservation, I'll have to play with it.
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but its 8 % more dmg vs more mana.

And more mana dont do nothing for us as long as its enought to cast wo

It's 1 skill point. Build complete at lv 92 instead of 93.
Kelvynn wrote:
xonsuns wrote:
Thanks Kelvynn! I miss playing whispering ice, winter orb seems a nice channeling skill for Icestorm! i go with this for start build i hope damage delivers! Bonechill i suppose is descarted because its not really DOTS, but you have any theory about GMP to the mix?

Not sure about Bonechill, I've been asking the experts about it. Will try to find a way to see if it works the way I hope. Not with Icestorm though - with Frost Bomb. If Frost Bomb's explosion can apply the Bonechill debuff, and it makes the enemy actually take extra damage from Icestorm - that would be nice for sure.

For Icestorm itself we already have stronger support gems.

Well, i think that bonechill works only for duration of chill. So even if all chills still remain on target without overwriting, it will be only 2 seconds debuff (especially considering that application of that debuff will be about 5 sec after the cast), so not good enough to even try.
In that case, cold snap that somebody suggested is quite a good choice, cause it have lingering area effect for 5 sec (with our duration nodes even more). But only if chills not overwriting each other.

In case if only the fact that "enemy was chilled some time ago" and debuff persist even after chill is gone, then it's good enough even on ice bomb.
warrior151 wrote:
3L: Frost Bomb - Arcane Surge - Flame Dash. Level Arcane Surge to trigger on Frost Bomb (not higher than its mana cost).

Couldn't we get more damage with Icestorm and Winter Orb by socketing Bonechill here as well?

Nope. Most that we can get from bonechill is 30%. And that in absolutely best case if we apply capped chill (which i'm not sure we can, cause multiple small hits).
Our other support gems more on the line like 50% more damage, almost twice as effective.
Med1umentor wrote:
I actually think that there is no real point to rush to VP. Also, i would rather go to vile bastion as fast as i can.
That additonal ES comes really handy in leveling. Occultist is the only ascendancy that can level as ES character from the early-game.
Tons of ES without equipment make leveling a breeze even without life nodes. ES unbreakable recharge take care of our survivability.
Considering all of that, VP will only be needed in t16 bosses or something alike.
Well, probably i still get it quite early, just wanted to say that occultist have much more leisure in defense department not only in late game, but in early game especially.

Can leave VP for later if you don't have the staff by lv 39. But I find it very useful against bosses during leveling. I would totally not go for Vile Bastion early. Frigid Wake should absolutely own. I am sooooo looking forward to freezing Kitava! :)

This build is too OP for the pre-map content anyway, you can level in many ways. I used to even go CI at lv 33 back in the day. But Life is much easier because of flasks.
evamaster wrote:
Can this version deal with Uber Atziri? How much control do we have over WO not to hit the mirror one?

Can always swap WO for Storm Burst just for Atziri. Doesn't really matter which skill you use for channelling. Uber Atziri is not a hard target for this build either way.
harichimo99 wrote:
Thanks for posting this guide so quickly! I played the WI Scion in delve and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to trying the occultist version!

I especially like how the fire version just melts packs of mobs. Hopefully you still get that feeling with the cold version.

The cold version gets Herald of Ice explosions :)

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