3.5 ~ Spark ~ Elementalist (League starter, map clearing, beginner friendly)

3.5 Spark ~ Witch ~ Elementalist (self cast)

Pros & cons:
Pros: League starter, beginner-friendly, pack clearing, yellow/red map farming (clear speed)
Cons: Squishy-ish, struggles on guardian fights, struggles with bosses in open areas, untested yet on shaper/elder fights

Basic Strategy:
- Main damage ability: (Vaal) Spark, supported by spell echo, is the core of the build and our main damaging spell (We use Vaal Spark for boss killing/whenever we have enough souls). It’s amazing for clearing packs of mobs reliably & efficiently, Spark’s damage is boosted by Controlled destruction support, Faster casting support, Lightning Penetration, and Added lightning damage (Note: Controlled destruction cannot lower base crit chance below 5%, we will still crit often enough to activate Elemental overload)
- At first, we self/hard cast Projectile weakness (curse - significant dmg increase!) but later on it is advisable to get a piece of gear with "trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" crafted mod and put Projectile weakness in there along with storm brand and brand recall.
- We also have orb of storms, supported by Arcane Surge and Increased duration. We cast orb of storms (approx) every 10 seconds to keep up our arcane surge buff.
- Auras: Our two main auras are Herald of Thunder, and Clarity (mana regen) (*Clarity may not be needed at high levels as we will most likely have enough mana regen from gear & passives).
- Movement: Our main movement ability is Flame Dash, supported by Lesser duration support & Faster casting support, as well as Lightning Warp as it is very useful for running the lab, trials & general "wall hax" (I have lightning warp in my 2nd set of weapons and just switch to it when needed).
- Golems: Our first Golem will be the lightning golem, because of the lovely cast speed buff it provides us; Our second Golem will be the stone golem, for life regen (survivability). Golems are supported by Minion life support, and Minion & Totem ele resistance.
- Survivability: We take mind over matter on the passives tree and plenty of mana regen.
We have decent life regen from Stone Golem & passive nodes.
We have decent life leech from Paragon of Calamity (ascendancy node)
We will also be taking advantage of Immortal Call & CWDT (Cast When Damage Taken), with the addition of Increased duration support.

Leveling Tips & notes:

- Build is perfectly viable to be run as a league starter or with all rare items (no uniques), however, it will be quite squishy & will not do as much damage without the recommended unique flasks and gear
- Gem locations for witch are listed in the 'notes' section of the PoB (pastebin) link
- Use (regular) Spark - available in act 1, until you can get your hands on a Vaal Spark gem (vaal gems give both the regular and vaal version of a skill).
- If spark is insufficient for boss killing it may be legit to swap to another skill such as ball lightning for boss fights.
- Stop Leveling CWDT & Immortal call at around level 2-4 (otherwise it will hardly ever proc) (Immortal call can be 2 lvls higher than CWDT).
- Only lvl arcane surge to lvl 6 (so it procs from 1 orb of storms cast)
- Use an extra divine life flask and a sanc/eternal mana flask until you can get Blood of the Karui and Lavianga's Spirit.
- Fast leveling guide by jeipei89 (not mine): https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2150196 (this guide is for 3.4, but it still should be valid/useful. :)
- 3.5 Patch Notes: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255460

Kill All (extra 2 skill points)

Pastebins/Passive Trees:
(You will need to download Path of Building for the pastebins)
Witch/main: https://pastebin.com/r4V6RhjW
Scion (ascendant) version: https://pastebin.com/Tnxx9iQE
PoE Planner link (witch): www.poeurl.com/caFh

Gear, Gems & Links:

- All applicable gear pieces should have Cast speed, Ele/lightning damage, resistances & life if possible - your resistances, except for chaos, should always be capped 75%+
- We require a bit of dex on our gear to meet the dex requirements for projectile weakness (and Impulsa's if you're using it)
- At high level (mapping) try to find a rare Stygian Vise Belt with decent life & resist rolls (if you're not using Doryani's Invitation).
- Weapons: we want 2 wands, or a wand & shield; one weap should have extra lightning damage crafted onto it and the other should have "trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" crafted mod.
- Boots: We want boots with movement speed (20%+)
- Helm Enchant: (uber lab) 40% increased Spark damage / (Merci lab) 25% increased Spark Damage
- Boot Enchant: 16% increased attack & cast speed if you've killed recently
~ Recommended uniques: Impulsa's Broken Heart, Choir of the Storm, Winds of Change, Doryani's invitation, Dream Fragments, Blood of the Karui, Lavianga's Spirit (these uniques are not required for the build to function, however they will increase damage output/survivability)
~ This build can also be adapted into a "magic find" build (yellow map farming), by using the unique items: Bisco's Collar, bisco's Leash, Sadima's Touch, Goldwyrm, Ventor's Gamble.

6 Link Chest (x6 blue) (Rare Chest - int / Impulsa's)
- (vaal) Spark
- Spell Echo
- Faster Casting Support
- Controlled Destruction Support
- Lightning Penetration Support
- Added Lightning damage support

3 Links
Weapon 1 (wand): (2 blue, 1 red)
- Orb of Storms
- Arcane Surge
- Increased Duration Support

Weapon 2 (wand/shield): (Auras/curse - 2 blue, 1 green)
- Storm Brand
- Brand Recall
- Projectile Weakness

4 link no. 1: (3 blue, 1 red)
- Clarity
- Faster Casting Support
- Flame Dash
- Less Duration Support

4-link no. 2: (3 red, 1 blue - 3 link + 1 0 link)
- Immortal Call
- Herald of Thunder
- Increased Duration Support

4-link no.3: (1 red, 3 blue - Int/Str)
- Minion Life Support
- Summon Stone Golem
- Minion & Totem Elemental Resistance Support
- Summon Lightning Golem

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Elementalist: Liege of the primordial > Pendulum of destruction > Mastermind of discord > Paragon of calamity

These are the flasks I'm using, you can change these to suit your personal playstyle. :)
X1 Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching
X1 Blood of the Karui
X1 Chemist's Basalt flask of Curing
X1 Chemist's Granite Flask of Warding
X1 Lavianga's Spirit
- Try to keep your defensive flasks up as much as possible
~ It may also be worth using Atziri's Promise for the temple as one of our defensive flasks because of the ridiculous amount of chaos damage in temple.


We want 2x Hazardous Research (unique spark jewels), and 1x rare eye jewel with lightning damage, life, & mana regen


We want our ele resists to be 109%+ (for ele weakness mod)


Major: Lunaris / Solaris
Minor: Ryslatha (Shakari for certain poison bosses)

(img credit = Shutterstock)
PS: Spark spider MTX looks amazing with this build ;)
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~Will update this guide with a PoE planner link asap. :)
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~ had to post the guide in 2 parts/posts as my spoiler tags for the last few things weren't working in the main guide post? O.O
Updated guide with PoE Planner link. :)
Hi Pootatoes69, thank you for sharing this build, this will be my league stater <3
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what type of item oh scepter recommend
Completed 2 Challengessuritame wrote:
what type of item oh scepter recommend

Either use 2 wands or 1 wand/scepter & a shield. :)
The stats you want (ideally) are: Spellpower/ elemental damage, lightning damage, cast speed and mana/mana regen.
This is spark, not vaal spark.

Seems a bit click baity.

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