Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

wtf this patch fucking sucks now.

experts btw
OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH, what about cospri's cooldown? just that ugly gavel got changed. :(
rrurrer01 wrote:
Molten Strike buffed - halleluya !!! )

Man you read only what you wanted to see, MS has been nerfed to shit.

Maximum of 1 Wildfire jewel now
Lab enchant provides 1 less projectile
Total loss of 3 projectiles.. don't call that a buff son.
Quill Rain now causes you to deal 40% less Damage (as opposed to Weapon Damage). This affects all versions of the item.

But y tho
~ Seph
Completing a map as part of a Zana mission now counts towards your Atlas' Map Completion and any associated challenges or achievements.

I love that change
I am... Suprisingly pleased with the Impalement debuff. It can definetly play a major role on melee gameplay if it is accordinlgy applied and balance. Definetly it's worth a shot and I kinda can even understand why the removal of stat sticks with this new thing on the board.

I'd wish more melee buffs, but oh well. I guess I can survive.
with the 3.5 the end of the year looks difficult for GGG and early 2019 the same!
HYPE! No more molten strike league starter which is fine since I am sick of meatballs.
talichan wrote:
Alcsaar wrote:
How is Quill Rain more problematic of a weapon than Poet's Pen?

It's a housemade problem in the first place.
Porcupine cards weren't exactly rare and chancing a QR isn't really rare either compared to most other sought of uniques.


The difference between the cost of PP and Quill Rain is very minor considering how much more powerful PP can be than Quill Rain. That logic doesn't hold any water.

Nothing should get to be broken just because its more rare. Its still broken.

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