Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

Is it useful to nerf Queen of the Forest ? If only GGG deleted the -25% movement speed.
Vexura wrote:
Existing maps from the previous series have been updated to these new versions.

What exactly does this mean?

It means that the old maps will get the new map tile sets and layout changes I believe.
KillerFit wrote:

Is every patch nerfing supposed to create divercity?What about the people who spent 200-300 ex on a statt stick for their melee build?Just goes in the trash?The same as the phys wands went in the trash?

I will NEVER ever again support this game in anyway!
Sick of nerfs from people who do not care for what the community wants!They care what THEY want!I hope GGG ends up like Diablo and Bethesda!I really wish it!

This is typical for an ARPG. Every new league/patch you nerf what was OP before and buff something different to replace it.

There is no balancing act going on here. This is calculated decisions to influence what the player base plays. Diablo did some similar crap too.

GGG wants to keep people interested and if it was the same builds every league people would get bored and leave.

For majority of the population that plays league, this doesn't matter a lot. For those who have a couple of favourite builds they like to come back to from time to're shit out of luck.
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Fixed some typso.

I love you Bex!
"What's do you what?" - Kira of the Maraketh
I m very impatient
Only a few more hours to wait...
"Fixed some typso"

I see what you did there haha

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