Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal

I hope Elementalist becomes toned down a bit, Brand Hierophant requires a buff, there is really little reason to play him.

Also I really hope the One-Shots from Betrayal encounters are toned down and the fights in general need a lot of rework. I don't mean that they become easier in the first place, but when I watch streamers with thousands of hours and and see neither they nor the whole chat is able to figure out why and how a character died even with the use of video-capture, that is simply no fun.

I want to see what my mistakes were and then improve my character or myself to not repeat that. Just going into a fight and pop-die is boring. Especially since normal people don't have a video-recap of how they died.

When the telegraphs are visible the fights even may be more difficult.

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Yep, pretty much rip melee, hope you guys buff melee next season...
With at least 1ex invested on a spell build you can do every map in the game, but when it comes to melee... It's like 6 ~ 10ex to do so.
Almost 24/7 online, love the game, wanna try new builds and help new players out.
Double Strike is still main-hand-only,
cool game
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Hi guys, sorry but I'm not really sure if this changes are gonna affect my build.

My build is working on the endurance charges, I'm using two Nebuloch and my main skill is consecrate path.

My question is simple:

The Nebuloch that is in the off-hand it's gonna fully work or some (if not all) stats are excluded?? If yes, why??

Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
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Thanks for sharing such nice info. liked it

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