[3.4/3.5?] ST Cold Raider (95% Evasion 75/75 Dodge)

Do you want to be 99% attack and projectile avoid?
Do you want to be 75% attack and 75% Spell dodge ? (With Vaal Grace)

Would you like to do a respectable deal of damage?

Then try this build!

Why this build? I have always liked to play Spectral Throw Builds in different versions. Be it HoWa or Buzzsaw. Now I was bored and I thought how can I combine this skill I like very much with more tankyness for delve.

This build is still scalable with better gear to the top. I ran to the test on level 80 delve level 400 and died not a single time. I was pretty suprised. That's why I have decided even if they may not be new to sharing my build idea with you.

Evasion 95% with Blind 99% melee & projectile avoid chance
Base 60+% attack & 60+% spell dodge (75%/75% with Vaal Grace, Flask or better gear)

Perma blind & chill
Maim & Intimidade
Shatter and freeze most content
Engaging, fast and fun playstile
Fortify with movement skill
Feels tanky despite 5k + life
Decent AoE & Single Target Dps
Progress feels well with every piece of better gear
Gear is not "expensiv"
350k+ dps per projectile
Projectiles hitting 3-5 Times the same target

ST is pain to level but you can level as Bow Char
You need MTX ;)
Cant do ele reflect
Mana issues without enough Dps or mana on hit
Projectiles stucks sometimes in doors or get blocked
Chaos damage clouds or traps in Labyrinth are painfull

Skill Tree / PoB / Ascendancy / Bandits
Skilltree: www.poeurl.com/b8Mw

PoB: https://pastebin.com/Ts643764

Please note I tested the build at the end of the league. I could not buy the best in slot items and replaced that ones in PoB with example items.

Ascendancy: Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of the Slaughter -> Rapid Assault -> Avatar of the Chase

Bandits: Kill All

Item Suggestions
Weapon: Simple Shaper Claw (Prefer Gemini)

BiS Stats: Attack Speed, Dex Cold Stacking, Crit Chance, Crit Multi, Flat Cold

Shield: Evasion Shield Base

BiS Stats: T2+ Life, Attack Speed, Resistance, Mana reserve reducing, Dodge (Shaped)


Enchant = Deceleration
Good as well: Rare Helmet Delve Crafted with -% Cold Resis. Prefer Rare if you have Resistance issues


For Dodge, Cold Damage and High Evasion


Low Budget with one Jewell socket (10c)


Simple rare stygian belt with life, resistance and WED


For Life, Dodge and Evasion
Enchant: BiS is Penetration Crit like the example was also good


For Blind, Penetration works pretty well in cold builds

I Prefer one curse on hit Ring. If you have enough resistance you can use the Mark of the Shaper Ring for Dps boost.


If you manage to balance the resistance then that would be very good. Otherwise keep the cold resistance highest for the damage boost

For extra Dodge

We play a crit build. there this bottle is a must

Some bleeding flask was always good



This Jewell converts your physical damage into cold damage. You have to place this here


Watchers Eye:

Take a look on your Dodge which one was the lowest. Take the Aura which boost it.

Rare Jewell Example:

BiS: Life, Cold Damage Claw, Cold Damage, Accuracy, Resistance if needed

Damage: Vaal Spectral Throw -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Elemental Damage with Attacks -> Cold Penetration -> Hypothermia -> Added Cold

Swap GMP to Slower Projectiles for Single Target

Aura: Haste or Grace

If you have a good shield with mana reduced and an enlighten level 4 then you can additionally take in arctic armor for more defensive.

Movement: Whirling Blades-> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

Herald & Golem: Herald of Ice for nice Shatter and dps
I Prefer Ice Golem but you have here free choice

Some advice: Place Frost Bomb for some huge bossing dps boost

Coming soon

Tips & Tricks

Spectral Throw can hit the target multiple time.
Make sure your positioning is such that the boss is hit at the very end of the projectile trajectory. The projectiles stay longer at the end point and thus the opponent is hit more often.

So if you have 350k+ dps and you have the enchantment you hit the same target 3-5 times. So the real dps was as example 350k * 5 = 1.750 mio dps.

Question & Answer

I will list the most frequently asked questions here

I am always open for improvements and other ideas. Feel free to share this with me.
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For Dodge, Cold Damage and High Evasion

While the build seems fine, be aware that in patch 3.5, Hyrri's Ire was changed so that the added cold damage only applies to bow attacks, and will do nothing for Spectral Throw.

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