3.5 Chaos/Cold Storm Brand - Uber Elder✓ 10k EHP ✓ Budget ✓ HC ✓ Hierophant or Occultist

I just wanted to add another tip for late end-game progression and farming.

When starting to farm Guardians, Shaper, and Uber Elder I've found that the whole Wither-CwC-Frost Bomb setup on paper looks good, but in practice it is difficult to get a good amount of up-time without getting too greedy and getting caught. It's been the main contributor to my close calls and deaths on a build that is tankier than most. Meanwhile, never risking to use it on Uber Elder has resulted in all deathless runs.

So this caused me to change my setup.

Initially, I was using my trigger weapon for Warlord's Mark, Arc, and Orb of Storms to maximize endurance charge generation and help with map clear. However, now I use Warlord's Mark, Frost Bomb, and Cold Snap while changing my Wither setup to have faster casing, duration, and arcane surge. It is way more practical for bosses and at the same time now I have constant frenzy charge generation for mapping.

This is my current full setup.

Made a few more changes to improve survivability and actually ended up with more damage. POB shaper dps per brand is now around 700k with 1 wither stack and 1million with 15 stacks and writhing jar active. Swapping out inc critical strikes for ele focus for uber elder is around 1.2m. With good flask management that's enough for shaper phases. The main defensive stat I wanted to pick up were faster start of es recharge and swapping out gloves for more es. I'm currently sitting at 8400es in game, I'm not sure why pob doesnt reflect that.


The next thing I will be looking for is a better amulet with mana regen on damage to even out mana for no regen maps.
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And here is a pheonix run:


Ill try and get an uber elder up later

and uber elder

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Sry for sounding noobish probably, but would you recommend Hiero or Occultist?

Short list of pros and cons? :D
Alright, finished everything the game has to offer.

Can do shaper like a cake (never done this, not even in the glory days of VP ES BV Pathfinder) Every guardian (elders and shapers) just takes like 1min to die and I just dodge while I wait.

But I still have one problem. Here's my gear

The highlight of my items is this one, I guess

Old school quad atk speed jewel.

My problem is that I'm lacking atk speed for my whirling blades, Attack speed modifier is at 112% and I still feel slow,

Any suggestion in increasing my wb speed?

Cheers and thanks for the build

how do i know in which order to spend skill points for hierophant build? Sorry if i missed something, i'm new. first hc character.

i just got to the int node by MoM where it splits.
are you sure thats how the added chaos damage is calculated? calculated twice if you convert??

this actually seems....rather bustified.
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how is this build for 3.6 ? any changes?
mega9462 wrote:
how is this build for 3.6 ? any changes?

I plan to leaguestart with this. I made this PoB using the original that can be used https://pastebin.com/7NCKNwdH

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