Hobbes Carry Service - All Content and Challenges - Dedicated Carry

Awesome guy! very helpful!
Killed 2 uber elders for me, 1 of which was ghosted with cutthroats grip. Offered to do it for free, I payed him regardless. Very good carry, did both in 1 portal. Highly recommended.
did as promised! He even explained stuff as I am quite new and newbish.
Great boss killer +1
Friendly and quick in a Vaal Temple carry. Would recommend to anyone.
Quick and awesome, downed uber elder fast for me :)
good ty
Quickly downed uber elder, and even appraised an item for me, which was very helpful as I don't know the value of certain items and mods yet.
He did all guardians + shaper for me

- Really quick
- Really friendly
- We did drop a Solstice Vigil (2.3~ ex) and he left it for me

I would recommend this guy to EVERYONE at ANY TIME

Will call this guy again for uber elder, so happy

Very good carry, I appreciate the help received

Long life my friend Hobbes

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