[3.5] Crit. Staff Cyclone Inquisitor, 1 M+ Shaper dps,Herald of Purity and Ash,Hatred,100% Elem.

Hi All,

Templar/Inquisitor Staff Build
* with ~1 Million Shaper DPS (it's even possible to get 1,5 Million).
* Without Buffs about 400K Shaper DPS. 6000-6500 HP, with Kaom's Heart even 8000
* irgnores elemental restistances (on Crit)
* Not possible to play elemental reflect maps, but all other maps can be played (also Tier 15 and Guardians)
* Labyrinth is easy because of high life regeneration



* The Staff is Essential - you can get nearly same amount of damage with Hegemony's Era if you skill to Winter Spirit and use Physical To Lightning support gem, but then you can't take Vitality Void and Henatophgy and so you have less life leech.

* Take Life on all rare items, because you don't have on the uniques.

* Take some accuracy on Rings/Amulet/Gloves so that you reach at least 90% hit chance.

* Take Resistances spread over the rare items (also the Jewels) that you reach 75%. Other mods should increase damage: To Physical Damage and additional Critical Multiplier is the best option, because it scales good (you convert it and you get physical as extra cold / fire / chaos)

Link Setup:

6L Armor, Bronn's Lithe G-R-R-B-B-B, Difficult to obtain
...if you don't want to use Bronn's Lithe (-20% damage) you can put this gems also the 6 link staff...
- Cyclone (G)
- Concentrated Effect (B), for mapping use Increased Area of Effect
- Elemental Focus (B), for Mapping you can also use here Item Rarity Support
- Increased Critical Damage (B)
- Elemental Damage with Attachs (R)
- Melee Physical Damage (R)

6L Weapon, The Stormwall G-R-R-R-B-B
- Ice Bite (G), for Frency Charges
- Power Charge on Critical, for Power Charges
- Increase Critical Strike Support, increases Chance for Power Charges
- Fortiy, we want to have this buf
- Consecerate Path, Jump into the enemies and get Consecerated Ground
- Leap Slam, utility movement skill - if you don't need take increased duration support or Smite for extra buf option

4L Gloves B-R-R-R
...defensive, you don't need to recast you Minions in fight...
- Cast when Damage Taken (20)
- Summon Holy Relict
- Summon Stone Golem, for more damage best choice is Ice Golem
- Molten Shell, defensive, also possible immortal call

4L Helm G-B-R-R
...for more damage
- Enlighten (Level 4), but (Level 3) is also ok
- Hatred
- Herald of Ash
- Herald of Purity

4L Boots G-B-B-R
- Cast when damage taken (4)
- Curse on Hit Support (20)
- Enfeeble (19), if you have 155 Int you can skill it on 20 also, you other skill needs max 113 Int, so if you only have less let Enfeeble on 15 or somethink like this
- Blade Vortex, it last some seconds and gives all enemies enfeeble around you. You can also use i.e Arc, Vortex....

- for more damage you can use Poachers Mark (G) for more damage and life&mana gain on hit support

--> I also tried
- Cast when Damage Take (1), Immortal Call (3), Ancestral Warchief (20), Blind Support (20), which is also ok - then you need (R-R-R-G)


* Use Consecerated Path to jump in combat and get Power- and Frency Charges and also Fortify, use Cyclone afterwards.
* Use Leap Slam to overcome obstacles faster or jump out of combat.
* Character is tanky because of about 1850 life leech and about 950 life regeneration.
* Melee avoidance (Block/Evasion) is about 68% with this setup (pob).
* With Fortify and any armor flask on, we have a good physical damage reduction (up to 79%)


Key item with this Passive Tree is the Staff (The Stormwall), it converts all physical damage to cold and lightning. Also, because it's a staff, it gives you a good block chance, so evasion and physical damage reduction is low, but ok. Also because of the massive damage you won't be get much damage while mapping.


* Go to Inevital Judgement for ignoring Elemental Resistances
* Go for Pious Path, it has some advantages:
- you gain extra Mana Regeneration - this is important, because most mana is reserved.
- you create Consecerated Ground, so nearly all the time you have additional Regeneration and
- you get 40% increased damage
- you are immune to Ailments on Consecerated Ground
- and because of this you only need one Flask for don't be frozen, do not bleed, don't be shocked: Surgeon's Sulphur Flask

--> All in all for pure damage it is better to take Augury of Penitence and Instruments of Virtue, but especially the passive abilities (immunity vs ailnments) are worth to give up a small amount of damage.

Map Cleaning / switch skill gems:

* For map cleaning and easy bosses you can use Increase Area of Effect Support (I use it nealy always but the Guardians).
* Also I change Elemental Focus Support on map cleaning and put in Item Rarity Support. This Gem I only change when bosses are hard and map setup is difficult, too (rare map, no leach or regeneration).

Jewel advise:

Because you have high Critial Strike change best Passive Tree Jewel options are Life + Critical Strike Multipliter + Increased Attack Speed With Staves (+ either more damage or Resistances if needed)

Other Equipment options

Body Armor:
Instead of Bronn's Lithe you can also you a rare Armor with Hitpoint and Resistances as long as you do not can get enought through other items. But you will loose an notable amount on damage (about 20%)

Also for getting 8000 HP you can use Kaom's Heart and put Cyclone Setup into the staff. Remove Enfeeble setup in the Boots and put in 4L: Faster Attack Support, Leap Slam, Power Charge on Critical and i.e Fortify or Ice Bite or Blind Support.

Helmet: You can use Starkonja's Head for more life and less damage

Belt: For more damage and less life you can use Belt of the Deceiver

Pastebin Passive Tree

Skill Gem setup options

* Six links on armor. If you use an other armor you can put the Cyclone Setup also in the staff.

* Second six link isn't necessary but nice for cleaning. Teleport with Consecerated path in the Group of enemies to get frency and Power Charges optional you can also use onslaught Support instead of using Leap Slam or Increase Critical Strike Chance

* Leap Slam I only use for movement but not for damage. So also here it is possible to use use a Totem skill gem.

* Instead of the curse skill setup in the boots you can also choose Blood Rage and a Totem like Anchestral Warchief or Anchestral Protector. CWDT and Immortal Call. If you can get an good elder ring with curse on hit, just take it.

* Summon Ice Golem instead of Stone Golem is possible for more damage but less life regeneration

* if you do not have an Enlighten Support on Level 3 dismiss Herald of Ash


Take 2 passive points

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Would love to see a video showcasing the build
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